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Meet our Team! 

Marcus Lind

General Manager


Birthplace: Scottsbluff, NE
Favorite Movie: Star Wars or Platoon
Favorite Actor: Sylvester Stalone
Favorite Actress: Kate Beckinsale
Favorite Food: Almost everything edible
Favorite TV Show: Squidbillies
Favorite Sports Team(s): Lions, Red Wings, Giants, Bulls, Huskies
Hobbies/Interests: Sports, Music, the Outdoors, Working Out, Sleep 
Pet Peeves – If any?:  Getting upset over little things.  Don't sweat the small stuff.

Kathy Lynn

News Director

On Air on KMFY

On Air on KOZY

KAthy edit 2.JPG

Birthplace: Minneapolis 
Favorites Favorite Song/artist: There is no way I can nail down one.  I just love music. 
Favorite Movie: How about Favorite genre? I’ll watch any Movie with a sports theme. Bull Durham, Remember the Titans, Jerry Mcguire, Field of Dreams.  I’ll watch any of these for the millionth time. 
Favorite Actor: Kevin Costner (see above) 
Favorite Actress: Audrey Hepburn/ Kathryn Hepburn. Anyone named Hepburn. 
Favorite Food: Any meal with seafood. 
Favorite TV Show: I’m a TV junkie. I’ll watch anything that’s on. Cooking shows, remodel shows, singing shows, you name it- I’ve watched at least one episode. 
Favorite Sports Team(s): Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Lynx. Anything Minnesota. 
Hobbies/Interests: I love doing things with my hands. I sew, quilt, and knit. I’m working on the family tree so there are probably very few cemeteries I haven’t been to yet.

Tim Edwards 

KOZY Morning Show

Chief Engineer 


Birthplace: Minneapolis
Favorites Favorite Song/artist: Surfin’ Bird / Trashmen
Favorite Movie: American Graffiti
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Actress: Audry Hepburn
Favorite Food: Cinnamon French Toast
Favorite TV: Red Green Show
Favorite Sports Team(s): Iron Range Maidens
Hobbies/Interests: Seriously? There isn’t enough paper. Music, record collecting, electronics, ham radio, junque collecting, old cars, tinkering, photography,
Pet Peeves- If any?: Just listen to the morning show on KOZY

Joe Gigliotti 



Birthplace: Grand Rapids, MN 
Favorite Song/artist: "See You Again" by Charlie Puth, Weird Al, Adele, Temptations, Strait No Chaser, Charlie Puth.
Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber 
Favorite Actor: Jim Carey 
Favorite Actress: Conchata Ferrell 
Favorite Food: Chicken 
Favorite TV Show: Family Guy 
Favorite Sports Team(s): Twins, Wild & Gophers 
Hobbies/Interests: Collecting sports cards, going for walks, watching sports, and pro wrestling, playing w/ my cats, going to hockey games and ice skating.
Pet Peeves – Folks not signaling their exit on round-a-bouts, loud vehicles, big crowds, litter outside and clutter inside. 

David Moody 

J105 On Air


Birthplace: Princeton, Minnesota
Favorites Favorite Song/artist: Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Led Zepplin
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction, Big Lebowski, and Jurassic Park
Favorite Actor: Justin Long
Favorite Actress: Elizabeth Banks
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite TV: South Park
Favorite Sports Team(s): MN Vikings
Hobbies/Interests:  Nature Walks, Listening to Music and Bowling
Pet Peeves – If any?: People who think they are better than others.

Art Schoonmaker



Art Pic 2022_edited.jpg

Birthplace: Grand Rapids 

Favorites Favorite Song/artist:  Absolutely depends on my mood.  I love Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and NF if I want something upbeat and positive.  Weezer, Cake, and the Beatles are probably my 3 favorite bands ever.  As far as favorite song, it’s Puff the Magic Dragon.  I sang that song to each of my girls at bedtime for years and I’ll always associate it with hugs, snuggles, kisses, and “I love you daddy.”

Favorite Movie:  Avengers: Endgame (really anything Marvel puts out) or Tombstone. 

Favorite Actor: Sean Connery

Favorite Actress: Neve Campbell

Favorite Food: A good seafood boil or a rack of dry-rubbed and slow-smoked ribs.

Favorite TV Show: Anything Marvel, Stranger Things, any Pro Wrestling.

Favorite Sports Team(s): Twins, Vikings, Wild, Wolves, Gophers, Navy Midshipmen (I’m a Navy Submarine Vet, USS Florida Gold Crew, back when it was an SSBN), and whoever is playing the Packers.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to read, do graphic design, kayaking and kayak fishing, video games, watching my girls do the things they love, listening to music (even away from the station), and relaxing with my cats.

Pet Peeves – If any?:  People who claim to be something they aren’t and youth coaches/parents who don’t understand that youth sports aren’t always about winning and losing (or who can yell the loudest at the volunteer ump.)

Tami Kottke 

Sales & Marketing Consultant 

tami edit 2.JPG

Birthplace: Minneapolis
Favorites Favorite Song/artist I like all kinds of music!
Favorite Movie: Notebook
Favorite Actor: Clint Eastwood
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite TV: Show I don’t watch much TV but when I do I love the Voice and Sunday Football
Favorite Sports Team(s): THE MN NORTH STARS
Hobbies/Interests: Camping, cooking, water skiing, and spending time with family and friends
Pet Peeves – If any? People who take stuff out and don’t put it back


Sales & Marketing Consultant 

Rapids Radio_fb.jpg

Favorites Favorite Song/artist: 
Favorite Movie: 
Favorite Actor: 
Favorite Food: 
Favorite TV Show: 
Favorite Sports Team(s): 
Pet Peeves – If any?

Merrill Lowney

Sales & Marketing Consultant 


Birthplace: Houghton, Michigan
Favorites Favorite Song/artist: Qeensryche- Eyes of a Stranger
Favorite Movie: Midnight Run
Favorite Actor: Clint Eastwood
Favorite Actress: Meryl Streep
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite TV Show: Supernatural
Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings, Twins, Vikings
Hobbies/Interests: Golf, UTV'ing, Pontooning, Community Service
Pet Peeves – Tailgators!

Jen McInerney

Billing and Traffic/Office Manager 

Jen Face Only.jpg

Birthplace: Grand Rapids, MN
Favorites Favorite Song/artist: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, and anything by Miley Cyrus
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite Actor: Richard Gere
Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Station 19, The Good Doctor, Big Brother and The Voice.
Favorite Sports Team(s): Greenway Raiders, MN Gophers, MN Twins and MN Wild
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with family & friends especially being with my grandson, cooking, umping, listening to music, going to movies, being outside and following sports.
Pet Peeves – If any?: Being late, littering and people that don’t return their shopping carts to the cart return bins.

On-Air Staff

Account  Representatives

Office Staff

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