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Using a consistent daily advertising plan will improve your chances
in reaching your potential buyers.

Build Top of Mind Awareness by Repetition .

Repetition  builds Reputation.

Here’s what happens to an IDEA
Without repetition!
*Given to 100 people

…after 24 hours 25 have forgotten it
…after 48 hours, 50 have forgotten it
…after 4 days, 85 have forgotten it
…after 16 days, 98 have forgotten it

*William J. Tobin, Author and Sales Consultant

Radio Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Individual ‘Needs Analysis’ reports

  • Long and Short Term contracts

  • Creative Marketing Ideas

  • Saturation packages

  • Various Value-Added Advertising Program Schedule

  • Co-op Advertising

Long Term Contracts:

Our most popular advertising program: Long term advertising builds top-of-mind awareness, promoting your special features and products. Long-term contracts have a substantial cost-per-message discount.

Saturation Packages:

Need instant traffic and response? KOZY/KMFY/J105 has a variety of saturation packages to make your event a success.

Co-op Advertising:

Each week in the immediate KOZY/KMFY/J105 broadcast area, there are thousands of dollars in co-op advertising that is going UNSPENT! KOZY/KMFY/J105 is associated with a national Co-op Advertising Research firm that can stretch your advertising budget. In some cases, co-op advertising will pay up to 100% of the advertising investment on KOZY/KMFY/J105.

Needs Analysis:

KOZY/KMFY/J105 Sales representatives can perform a ‘Needs Analysis’ that fully explains your business to us – pros, cons, myths, misconceptions, unique features, target audience, etc. Your business is different from the “guy down the street”, yet, you have unique traffic and profit-potential. Decide to get your ‘unfair share’ of the available consumers Dollars…contact KOZY/KMFY/J105 Radio in Grand Rapids today!

Creative Marketing Ideas:

Need a special promotion, an idea, an event to help build traffic? We can help – from creative copy to creative in-store events – it’s part of our service to advertisers.

Value-added Advertising Program Schedule:

Many of the KOZY/KMFY/J105 “packages and promotions” feature value-added benefits. KOZY/KMFY/J105 offers quarterly and monthly packages and promotions that give advertisers “more bang for their buck”.

To get started, contact a KOZY/KMFY/J105 sales representative today!
(218) 999-KOZY or (218) 999-KMFY

or E-Mail  

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