The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency met the 2013 goal for the Wild Rice Standards Study and has released experiment and monitoring summary reports and data. The goal of the study is to enhance understanding of the effects sulfate has on wild rice and to help decide whether a revision of the wild rice sulfate standard is warranted. The study consists of parallel research efforts conducted by scientists at the University of Minnesota campuses in Duluth and the Twin Cities under contract with the M-P-C-A. Data collection was completed in December and is documented in individual reports from the contractors. During January and February 2014, M-P-C-A staff will integrate the reports, analyze the data as a whole, and review existing monitoring data, other relevant scientific studies and information, and the original basis for the sulfate standard to determine whether a change to the standard is warranted. The M-P-C-A will release preliminary recommendations about the wild rice sulfate standard by the end of February. To see the reports, go to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.