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KOZY Air Staff

Tim Edwards
Tim EdwardsMorning Guy & Chief Engineer
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Birthplace: Minneapolis
Favorites Favorite Song/artist Surfin’ Bird / Trashmen
Favorite Movi American Graffiti
Favorite Actor Harrison Ford
Favorite Actress Audry Hepburn
Favorite Food Cinnamon French Toast
Favorite TV Show Red Green
Favorite Sports Team(s) Iron Range Maidens
Hobbies/Interests Seriously? There isn’t enough paper. Music, record collecting, electronics, ham radio, junque collecting, old cars, tinkering, photography,

Pet Peeves – If any? Just listen to the morning show on KOZY

Sheldon Willis
Sheldon WillisSports Director/Morning Show Co-Host
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BBirthplace: Rolette, ND
Favorites Favorite Movie Remember the Titans
Favorite Actor Denzel Washington
Favorite Actress Meryl Streep
Favorite Food There has to be a favorite? I just like food – donuts are good – pizza is good – onion rings are good
Favorite TV Show Law and Order, Babylon 5
Favorite Sports Team(s) Pretty much a MN boy – Twins, Vikings, Wild in that order (Oh, and whoever is currently playing Green Bay)
Hobbies/Interests Fishing, Bicycling, Camping, Ethnic food, enjoying grandchildren
Pet Peeves – If any?  People who think they know everything (they always annoy those of us who actually do)

Kathy Lynn
Kathy LynnProgram Director/On Air KMFY
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Birthplace: Minneapolis
Favorites Favorite Song/artist There is no way I can nail down one.  I just love music.
Favorite Movie How about Favorite genre? I’ll watch any Movie with a sports theme. Bull Durham, Remember the Titans, Jerry Mcguire, Field of Dreams.  I’ll watch any of these for the millionth time.
Favorite Actor Kevin Costner (see above)
Favorite Actress Audrey Hepburn/Kathryn Hepburn. Anyone named Hepburn.
Favorite Food Any meal with seafood.
Favorite TV Show I’m a TV junkie. I’ll watch anything that’s on. Cooking shows, remodel shows, singing shows, you name it- I’ve watched at least one episode.
Favorite Sports Team(s) Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Lynx. Anything Minnesota.
Hobbies/Interests I love doing things with my hands. I sew, quilt, and knit. I’m working on the family tree so there are probably very few cemeteries I haven’t been to yet.

David Moody
David MoodyAfternoon on KMFY
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Birthplace: Princeton
Favorites Favorite Song/artist Beatles
Favorite Movie Roadhouse, Point Break, Pineapple Express
Favorite Actor Patrick Swayze
Favorite Actress Eva Mendez
Favorite Food Burgers
Favorite TV Show Workaholic
Favorite Sports Team(s) All Minnesota SportsHobbies/nterests sports. Movies, Music, Games
Pet Peeves – If any? People who think they are superior to others.

Joe Gigliotti
Joe GigliottiEvening Personality
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Birthplace: Grand Rapids, MN
Favorite Song/artist  Cult of Personality/Living Colour
Favorite Movie  Dumb and Dumber
Favorite Actor  Jim Carey
Favorite Actress  Conchata Ferrell
Favorite Food  Chicken
Favorite TV Show  Two and a Half Men or Family Guy
Favorite Sports Team(s) Minnesota Twins, Wild, Vikings, Wolves, Toronto Maple Leafs Hobbies/IInterests Collecting sports cards/memorabilia, roller blading, ice skating, writing, drawing, bonfires, dining out, numerology, history, radio of course, and communication.
Pet Peeves – If any? Seeing folks on phones while driving. Even talking on it bothers me unless it’s important. Just too much can go wrong there. Others…people using “there” when it should be “their” type errors and untidy rooms.

Sales Staff

Jim Lamke
Jim LamkeOwner
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Birthplace: The great city of Grand Rapids, MN
Favorites Favorite Song/artist Just to name a few: Riding the storm out – Reo Speedwagon, You shook me all night long – AC/DC, any Johnny Cash song
Favorite Movie Hoosiers
Favorite Actor Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress Sandra Bullock
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite TV Show Then…Northern Exposure, Now…The Blacklist
Favorite Sports Team(s) I’m a homer…Any and all Minnesota Teams!
Hobbies/Interests Seriously? Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Going to sporting events, any outdoor activities.

Jim Moore
Jim MooreSales & Marketing Consultant
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Birthplace: Streator, IL

Favorites Favorite Song/artist Won’t get fooled again – The Who

Favorite Movie Worlds Fastest Indian

Favorite Actor Steven Segal

Favorite Actress Uma Thurman

Favorite Food Venison

Favorite TV Show Kung Fu

Favorite Sports Team(s) Timberwolves

Hobbies/Interests Playing guitar, riding motorcycles.

Pet Peeves – If any? Slow people in the fast lane, people that think they are soo smart but do stupid things all the time.

Wayne Roskos
Wayne RoskosSales & Marketing Consultant
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Birthplace: Grand Rapids
Favorites Favorite Song/artist All Summer Long, Kid Rock / Free Bird, Lynyrd Skynyrd / Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, ZZ top, Butter Fly Kisses, Bob Carlisle
Favorite Movie American Graffiti, Wild Hogs, The Good Bye Girl, Hang Over
Favorite Actor Clint Eastwood, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Fonda
Favorite Actress Rachel Ward, Kim Bassinger, Jamie Lee Curtiss
Favorite Food 1/2 pound bacon cheese buffalo burgers, fresh walleye
Favorite TV Show Northern Exposure, Boston Legal, Then Came Bronson
Favorite Sports Team(s) Twins, Vikings, Wild, Gophers, and any team with Payton Manning
Hobbies/Interests Motorcycling, snowmobiling, golf, classic cars, watching sports, sampling “Real” beer
Pet Peeves – If any? Rainy weather on the weekends!!!!

Tami Kottke
Tami KottkeSales & Marketing Consultant
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Birthplace: Minneapolis
Favorites Favorite Song/artist I like all kinds of music!
Favorite Movie Notebook
Favorite Actor Clint Eastwood
Favorite Actress Sandra Bullock
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite TV Show I don’t watch much TV but when I do I love the Voice and Sunday Football
Favorite Sports Team(s) THE MN NORTH STARS
Hobbies/Interests Camping, cooking, water skiing, and spending time with family and friends
Pet Peeves – If any? People who take stuff out and don’t put it back
Mary Lund
Mary LundSales & Marketing Consultant
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Birthplace: Minneapolis
Favorites Favorite Song/artist Van Morrison, Sugarland
Favorite Movie Homeward Bound, Under the Tuscon Sun
Favorite Actor Robert Duvall
Favorite Actress Diane Lane
Favorite Food Singapore Shrimp
Favorite TV Show Scandal, Parenthood, Heartland
Favorite Sports Team(s) USA Gymnastics
Hobbies/Interests Gardening, horses, decorating, traveling, yoga
Pet Peeves – If any? Lying, rudeness
Becky Kingsley
Becky KingsleyOffice Manager/Bookkeeper
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Birthplace: Duluth, MN
Favorites Favorite Song/artist Garth Brooks, Adele
Favorite Movie Anchorman
Favorite Actor Johnny Depp
Favorite Actress Melissa McCartney
Favorite Food Shrimp Egg Rolls
Favorite TV Show Grey’s Anatomy, Blacklist
Favorite Sports Team(s) Minnesota
Hobbies/Interests Baking, Hunting, Spending time with family
Pet Peeves – If any? none