At Monday’s School Board meeting, Polly Podpeskar delivered a Food Service Indicator report. According to Podpeskar, it costs more to prepare the meals then the district receives. “It costs us about $3.42 and the paying students pay $2.45 and $2.75, so there is a gap between what they pay, and what it actually costs us”. The gap is covered by Federal and State Reimbursements. Due to legislation, everyone gets to eat regardless of whether or not they can afford to pay. Currently unpaid meal debt in the district is around $80,000. Many students who might be eligible for free or reduced meals are not filling out the paperwork to apply for such reductions, Polly and the school board strongly recommend filling out these applications because not only does it help the individual student, but it also helps the district to receive state and federal funding to cover the costs. Also at the meeting Kent Korbitz was in for a facilities design and construction update. Work is on schedule and still within budget.