The November ballot has been set. Tuesday’s primary narrowed the field of candidates for November.
Itasca County attorney John (Jack) Muhar will face off against John Dimich. Muhar received 50% of the votes cast in Itasca County. Ellen Tholen was eliminated.
Muhar- 2910
Dimich- 1695
Tholen- 1212

The Itasca County Auditor’s race was a run-away for current auditor Jeff Walker. Walker received 65% of the votes cast. Walker will face Doug Carpenter in the November election. Matthew Fultz was eliminated.
Walker- 3778
Carpenter- 1009
Fultz- 981

In State House District 6A, incumbent Carly Melin beat her D-F-L challenger John Finken with 80% of the votes.
Melin- 2919
Finken- 716
Melin will still have a Republican challenger in November. Roger Weber ran unopposed in the Republican race.

In the State House D-F-L race in District 5A, incumbent John Persell beat challenger Lavern Pederson with 85% of the votes.
Persell- 1530
Pederson- 276
Persell will face Republican challenger Phillip Nelson in November. Nelson ran unopposed on the Republican ticket.