Judge Charles LeDuc ruled last week that Itasca County must increase the salary of Itasca County Attorney Jack Muhar. Muhar filed suit against the county after commissioners failed to pay a two percent raise for this year, and a two percent contractual raise from last year. Muhar also asked for a one-time $9000 bump in salary.
According to the Notice of Appeal, Muhar claims the board’s salary structure and budget are “arbitrary, capricious, and in unreasonable disregard for the duties and responsibilities of his office.”
The lawsuit, alleging that Muhar’s pay rate is not keeping pace with either his subordinates pay or his increased workload, was filed in January.
Tuesday, the Itasca County board of Commissioners met in a closed meeting for a case consultation and legal advice regarding Muhar’s salary.
After the meeting, the commissioner’s public comment was simply that there is no comment at this time.