During the last legislative session, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency almost shut down northern Minnesota’s mines.
The MPCA was set to announce on February 27th that the 40-year-old sulfate standard of 10 parts per million should remain in effect.
Since 1973, the sulfate standard involving the discharge of water from industrial concerns- including Minnesota’s mines was 10 parts per million. The MPCA had set a press conference to announce that the standard was unchanged.
State Representative Tom Anzelc told Chamber members at last week’s Eggs and Issues meeting that that intervention by Iron Range lawmakers was probably the highlight of his career.
“We reminded them how important the 4000 mining jobs were here on the range,” Representative Anzelc said.
The MPCA cancelled the press conference and said more studies were needed. Representative Anzelc said it’s still an issue the area will have to be concerned about.