Yesterday was the filing deadline for candidates in November’s election.
In Itasca county races, Itasca County Attorney John Jack Muhar will face both John Dimich and Ellen Tholen.
Itasca county Auditor/Treasurer Jeff Walker will face both Matthew Fultz and Doug Carpenter.
Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams will be on the ballot against Bryan Johnson.
Itasca County Commissioner for District 3, Leo Trunt, will be on the ballot against Dennis Barsness.

In state races:
House District 5A Representative John Persell is being challenged in both a primary and a general election ballot. He’ll go against DFLer Lavern Pederson and Republican Phillip Nelson.
In House District 5B, DLF Incumbant Tom Anzelc will face a challenge in Republican Justin Eichorn.
In House District 6A, DFL Incumbant Carly Melin will face both a primary challenge of DFL’er John Finken, and a general election challenge by Republican Roger Weber.

In national races, U.S. Representative for District 8, Independent candidate Eric Meyer and Republican candidate Stewart Mills will take on Democrat Incumbent Rick Nolan.