From the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office

On Friday, June 23rd, a Warba resident returned home to find his back door partially opened and medicine for his dog stolen out of his fridge.
From Bluewater Road in Grand Rapids, a report of a missing wallet from a vehicle. Inside the wallet were credit cards, license, and rewards cards.
A utility trailer was reported taken from County Road 119 in Deer River. It’s valued at $1500. No suspects.
A purse was taken from East Bass Lake Road including a checkbook, credit cards, and $300 cash.
On Saturday, June 24th, a scam was reported from Hart Lake Road. A resident was promised two cars, $6 million dollars, $1000 in clothes, and $10,000 a week for life. The resident sent $10,000.
Deputies responded to a carbon monoxide alarm sounded from Crystal Water Road in Deer River.
Sunday, a Rigid saw was reported stolen from a home on County Road 118 in Deer River. Valued at $1000.
A handgun was reported found in the road on Highway 286 in Marcell. It’ll be held at the sheriff’s office until claimed.
$160 in cash was taken from a wallet left on a car seat at a gas station in Deer River on Sunday.

From the Grand Rapids Police Department

On Friday, June 23rd, a scam was reported on S.E. 7th Street. A caller representing herself as a bank employee called a resident and told him that he owed the bank $4000 but she could settle that if the resident sent $1500. He was advised by law enforcement to go into the bank personally and verify.
Some on drove off without paying for $13.16. There is a suspect.
A shoplifter tried walking out of a business with $174 worth of merchandise. The shoplifter was issued a trespass notice.
Saturday, a resident talked with law enforcement about a scam. Someone opened a charge account in the resident’s name. There was no balance, but the thief had the resident’s social security number and name.
Someone stole a chainsaw out of the back of a pickup truck parked on 4th street. The Stihl saw has a serial number of 507172287. It’s valued at $723.00
A driver on north east 4th Street was ticketed Sunday. The driver did not activate his lights in the rain and was using what looked to be a marijuana pipe. When asked why he thought he was pulled over, the driver said, “You saw me smoking marijuana”. A citation was issued.
Ten kids playing “ding dong ditch” were talked to by law enforcement after targeting a home on Valley Circle.