On Friday, a blight notification was taped to a door on Clover Lane. Other blight warnings left at south east 2nd Avenue, south east 1st Avenue, and Willow Lane.
A wallet was found on S.E. 4th Avenue. Contact the Grand Rapids Police Department to claim.
A bad check was accepted from a resident in Winger, Minnesota. It was flagged for fraud.
Two toddlers were found playing near a road with no parent visible on Saturday. The parent was found and the event documented. She was also informed of the blight ordinance.
A car drove across the field between Walmart into the parking lot of Home Depot. The vehicle crashed into a tree. The male driver stated that his brakes went out. It was learned the driver is subject to spot checks and probation wanted him tested based on the information provided.
On Sunday, a greenhouse on Pokegama Avenue South was burglarized. Some on took 20 plants valued at $4.49, 1 brown plastic container 1’x1′ with plants valued at $29.99, 2 small frog statues green glass valued $18.99 each and 1 small bird statue green glass valued at $7.99.
Three juveniles got ice cream and left without paying. They were detained and returned to their parents.
A 17 year old lost his wallet in Hill City at the mud run and needed gas to get home. No one in town would take a credit card over the phone. Officers talked with station management who said they would take a credit card if officers identified the grandmother. Gas was pumped and paid for.
On Sunday, officers cited a driver for parking on a handicap parking space.
Officers retrieved a cell phone left behind at the skate park. The owner will claim it there.