KOZY/KMFY/J105 RAdio offered each candidate on local and regional political races the opportunity of talk one-on-one with our listeners.  Many candidates did record one of these 3 minute messages.  In most cases, all candidates running in the same race participated.  In some races, only one of the candidates accepted our offer.   By running these messages, KOZY/KMFY/J105 should not be seen as endorsing these candidates.   Beginning Monday (10/22/18), we will start airing these messages.  Messages will also be posted on our Facebook page and website after airing.

Candidate calendar:

10-22                   Itasca County Sheriff’s Office

10-23                   Non-Candidate *Regular After-Council Briefing

10-24                   Non-Candidate *Regular After-Board Briefing

10-25                  Grand Rapids City Council

10-26                   MN House District 5B

10-29                   Non-Candidate *Itasca Clean Energy Team

10-30                   MN House District 5A and 6A

10-31                   City of Coleraine

11-1                     ISD 318 Part 1

11-2                     ISD 316 Part 2

11-5                     MN Governor’s Race