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Karl Southcott- 12a-5a
Chris and Liz- 5a-7am
Kathy Lynn- 7a-1pm
David Moody- 1p-7pm
Wendy Walker 7p-12a

KMFY Special Programming
Vikings Football

KMFY plays a wide variety of music, including today’s lighter pop and rock along with popular hits from the 80’s, 90’s, and now.  KMFY brings you the most admired and recognizable names in the world of popular music. KMFY stays on target with the most talked-about new hits and the most contemporary music. It’s a playlist that reflects the real tastes of the adult listener. KMFY provides 100,000 watts of live entertainment, 24 hours a day. KMFY programming, like the Saturday 80s Show, provides music and information with the warmth and humor that appeals to today’s adults. Not just a music station, KMFY brings you local cnnouncer, local news, and current weather, as well as local and regional sports broadcasts. KMFY is your station in Northern Minnesota for the Minnesota Vikings. KMFY is also your home for surrounding high school sports coverage including Greenway, Deer River, Bigfork, Hill City, Northland, and Nashwauk-Keewatin.  KMFY live streams all our programming, except for Vikings Football.

KMFY Air Staff

Karl Southcott
Karl SouthcottOvernights
More Info

Karl Southcott here!  I’m a giant movie fan, and love everything from the classic films to all the new exciting flicks.  When I’m not in a movie theater I like to hang with my family, especially around water, I think I’m part fish.  I have two small boys that keep me busy, let me tell you!  One of my very favorite things is sharing music on the radio with our listeners. I love everything from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars.  It’s such a kick!

Chris and Liz
Chris and LizMornings
More Info

Hi, I’m Liz Bell, a single mom to 2 gorgeous girls! I love throwing theme parties, read that as ‘Pinterest addict.’  I believe there is no better feeling than a sloppy ponytail and yoga pants. I enjoy traveling, things that sparkle and my partner, Chris Tyler. ***

Chris Tyler here!  I also have two kids, plus an awesome wife!  I run marathons, but in real life I love to spend time at our neighborhood pool.  And I’m a huge sports fan.  It’s hard for me to choose a favorite type of music!  I like many different types!  Except maybe Gangsta Rap.  I have to draw the line somewhere. J

Kathy Lynn
Kathy LynnProgram Director/News Director/On-Air on KMFY
More Info
Birthplace: Minneapolis


Favorite Song/artist There is no way I can nail down one.
Favorite Movie How about Favorite genre? I’ll watch any Movie with a sports theme. Bull Durham, Remember the Titans, Jerry Mcguire, Field of Dreams. I’ll watch any of these for the millionth time.
Favorite Actor Kevin Costner (see above)
Favorite Actress Audrey Hepburn/Kathryn Hepburn. Anyone named Hepburn.
Favorite Food Any meal with seafood.
Favorite TV Show I’m a TV junkie. I’ll watch anything that’s on. Cooking shows, remodel shows, singing shows, you name it- I’ve watched at least one episode.
Favorite Sports Team(s) Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Lynx. Anything Minnesota.

Hobbies/Interests I love doing things with my hands. I sew, quilt, and knit. I’m working on the family tree, so there are probably very few cemeteries I haven’t been to, yet. I spend some time looking up and listening to family histories.

David Moody
David MoodyAfternoons
More Info
Birthplace: Princeton


Favorite Song/Artist Pink Floyd
Favorite Movie Roadhouse, Point Break, Pineapple Express
Favorite Actor Patrick Swayze
Favorite Actress Eva Mendez
Favorite Food Burgers
Favorite TV Show Workaholic
Favorite Sports Team(s) All Minnesota Sports

Hobbies/Interests Sports, Movies, Music, Games
Pet Peeves, if any People who think they are superior to others

Wendy Walker
Wendy WalkerNights
More Info

Hi, I’m Wendy Walker! In my time away from the microphone, I enjoy running (5ks, 10ks, half & full marathons) and brewing up natural DIY beauty & household products. After a work day, I love cuddling with my fur kids and catching up on some reading or documentaries. My fiancé and I like to go on motorcycle adventures, most recently taking the Harley to the 75th Sturgis anniversary in SD. My favorite music is the FUN stuff that makes me wanna move… from artists like Pharrell Williams!


Sheldon Willis
Sheldon WillisSports Director
More Info
Birthplace: Rolette, ND
Favorite Movie Remember the Titans
Favorite Actor Denzel Washington
Favorite Actress Meryl Streep
Favorite Food There has to be a favorite? I just like food – donuts are good – pizza is good – onion rings are good
Favorite TV Show Law and Order, Babylon 5
Favorite Sports Team(s) Pretty much a MN boy – Twins, Vikings, Wild in that order (Oh, and whoever is currently playing Green Bay)

Hobbies/Interests Fishing, Bicycling, Camping, Ethnic food, enjoying grandchildren

Pet Peeves – If any? People who think they know everything (they always annoy those of us who actually do)

Tim Edwards
Tim EdwardsStation Engineer
More Info
Birthplace: Minneapolis


Favorite Song/artist Surfin’ Bird / Trashmen
Favorite Movie American Graffiti
Favorite Actor Harrison Ford
Favorite Actress Audry Hepburn
Favorite Food Cinnamon French Toast
Favorite TV Show Red Green
Favorite Sports Team(s) Iron Range Maidens

Hobbies/Interests Seriously? There isn’t enough paper. Music, record collecting, electronics, ham radio, junque collecting, old cars, tinkering, photography,

Pet Peeves – If any? Just listen to the morning show on 1320 KOZY-AM

Sales Staff

Jim Lamke
Jim LamkeOwner
More Info
Birthplace: The great city of Grand Rapids, MN


Favorite Song/artist Just to name a few: Riding the storm out – Reo Speedwagon, You shook me all night long – AC/DC, any Johnny Cash song
Favorite Movie Hoosiers
Favorite Actor Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress Sandra Bullock
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite TV Show Then…Northern Exposure, Now…The Blacklist
Favorite Sports Team(s) I’m a homer…Any and all Minnesota Teams!

Hobbies/Interests Seriously? Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Going to sporting events, any outdoor activities.

Matt Weber
Matt WeberSales & Marketing Consultant
More Info
Birthplace: Coon Rapids, MN


Favorite Song/artist right Now- Van Halen, AC/DC’s Thunderstruck
Favorite Movie Dumb and Dumber
Favorite Actor Denzel Washington
Favorite Actress Jessica Biel
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite TV Show Two and a Half Men
Favorite Sports Team(s) MN Wild, Anyting Team USA
Hobbies/Interests Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Being with Family
Pet Peeves – If any? People who drive slow in the fast lane.

Wayne Roskos
Wayne RoskosSales & Marketing Consultant
More Info
Birthplace: Grand Rapids


Favorite Song/artist All Summer Long, Kid Rock / Free Bird, Lynyrd Skynyrd / Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, ZZ top, Buttery Fly Kisses, Bob Carlisle
Favorite Movie American Graffiti, Wild Hogs, The Good Bye Girl, Hang Over
Favorite Actor Clint Eastwood, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Fonda
Favorite Actress Rachel Ward, Kim Bassinger, Jamie Lee Curtiss
Favorite Food 1/2 pound bacon cheese buffalo burgers, fresh walleye
Favorite TV Show Northern Exposure, Boston Legal, Then Came Bronson
Favorite Sports Team(s) Twins, Vikings, Wild, Gophers, and any team with Payton Manning
Hobbies/Interests Motorcycling, snowmobiling, golf, classic cars, watching sports, sampling “Real” beer
Pet Peeves – If any? Rainy weather on the weekends!!!!

Tami Kottke
Tami KottkeSales & Marketing Consultant
More Info
Birthplace: Minneapolis


Favorite Song/artist I like all kinds of music!
Favorite Movie Notebook
Favorite Actor Clint Eastwood
Favorite Actress Sandra Bullock
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite TV Show I don’t watch much TV but when I do I love the Voice and Sunday Football
Favorite Sports Team(s) THE MN NORTH STARS

Hobbies/Interests Camping, cooking, water skiing, and spending time with family and friends

Pet Peeves – If any? People who take stuff out and don’t put it back

Sammy Swanson
Sammy SwansonSales & Marketing Consultant
More Info
Birthplace: Grand Rapids
Favorites Favorite Song/artist George Strait, Journey, Foreigner
Favorite Movie American Sniper, Blind Side, The Waterboy
Favorite Actor Mark Wahlberg, Adam Sandler, Gerard Butler
Favorite Actress Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston
Favorite Food Tacos, Pizza or a good hamburger
Favorite TV Show The Voice, One Tree Hill, Fixer Upper, Criminal Minds
Favorite Sports Team(s) Wild, Vikings, and whoever is playing Green Bay
Hobbies/Interests Anything Outside with my friends and family. Camping, Boating, Cooking, Sitting by the Fire
Pet Peeves – If any? People who chew with their mouths open
Becky Kingsley
Becky KingsleyOffice Manager/Bookkeeper
More Info
Birthplace: Duluth, MN


Favorite Song/artist Garth Brooks, Adele
Favorite Movie Anchorman
Favorite Actor Johnny Depp
Favorite Actress Melissa McCarthy
Favorite Food Shrimp rolls
Favorite TV Show Grey’s Anatomy, Blacklist
Favorite Sports Team(s) Minnesota
Hobbies/Interests Baking, hunting, time with family

Pet Peeves – If any? none


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Grand Rapids Moves Forward with Solar Garden

The Grand Rapids City Council met in regular session Monday night, David Moody was there.
At Mondays City Council Meeting City Engineer Matt Wegworth discussed the city’s Solar Garden Project, which will be behind […]

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West Nile Infecting Loons

More loons are getting tested for West Nile Virus this week, after the DNR reports an uptick in dead loons in northeastern Minnesota. DNR’s Gaea Crozier, “we are asking the public that if […]

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Tiger Brings Them Out

When Tiger Woods plays well, we go play, too. Last weekend was the British Open and Tiger Woods was on the course.
When Tiger plays, tv ratings go up nearly 20%. Your […]

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Wage Theft Law Includes All


Minnesota’s top elected officials said this week they’ll enforce a new state law against wage theft by employers, even if the victims are workers not in the U-S legally. State Attorney […]

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Eight Injured in Three Accidents on Highway 65

Three accidents over the weekend on Highway 65 sent eight people to the hospital.
Friday afternoon, a Toyota 4runner was stopped for a flagger that was stopping traffic. A Chevy S10, driven by 25 […]

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Predatory Offender to be Released

A level 3 predatory offender will be moving into the Blackberry area. 40 year old Jerry Irwin filed a change of address. The Itasca County Sheriff’s Office will hold an information meeting […]

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ISD 318 Hears Phy Ed Concerns

About 30 residents attended Monday’s special meeting of ISD 318’s school board. At the heart of the issue is a 50 minute period each day for elementary school. The district proposed decreasing […]

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Businesses Target of Scams


[Grand Rapids, MN] Itasca County law enforcement agencies have received seven reports of the same type of fraud calls in the last two days. Businesses seem to be the primary target of […]

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Dr. Annette to Step Down from Blandin Foundation in 2020


GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. (June 26, 2019)– Blandin Foundation President and CEO Kathy Annette informed the foundation’s trustees this week that she will retire in 2020 following a distinguished career in rural and Native […]

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New Parking Arrangements in Rapids for Fireworks

At Monday’s Grand Rapids city council meeting, the council passed some resolutions related to the renaming of American Legion Field. They accepted donations to pay for a new sign. The field is now officially […]

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