The National Veteran’s Affairs office  is under scrutiny for poor service to veterans, long waiting lists, and even hidden waiting lists.  In some states, veterans may have to wait up to 2 years for a claim to be processed.  In Minnesota, wait times for claims to be processed are about 90 days, according to Itasca County Veterans Service Officer Hugh Quinn.  Quinn said last fall, there were about 10,000 cases shipped into the Minneapolis VA office.   Those cases were at the 2 year mark.

The Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs took those old claims from other states and sent them to the regional office Minnesota office in Minneapolis.  While the Minneapolis VA worked to help other state’s backlog, Minnesota claims were put on hold.  The Secretary of the VA will probably do that again.  Even so, Quinn urged any veteran who has questions about claims, procedures, or services to contact his office.

The Itasca County Veterans Service office serves almost 4800 vets.