The Grand Rapids Herald Review published a story from a forensics review of the phone formerly used by former Itasca County Deputy Brian Johnson.  Johnson is challenging Vic Williams for the position of sheriff.  The report was released to the Grand Rapids Herald Review on October 17th.  According to the newspaper article, the report found Johnson used his county issued phone to A) to search the internet, access and download pornographic material and send sexually charged and explicit images to county employees and others, and B) watch Youtube videos, nap, and disparage other county employees.

Johnson contends others had to access to the phone after he turned it in and that it was a used phone.  The report countered that it would have been difficult to forensically plant evidence without the reviewer knowing.  The county verified Johnson’s phone was new when he received it.

The full article is available in this weekend’s Herald Review.

A third candidate in the sheriff’s race, Jeff Carlson, has launched a write-in campaign.