Itasca County Attorney, Jack Muhar, is appealing the County commissioner’s decision to set his salary increase at a 2% raise.
According to the notice of appeal, Muhar said the salary and budget was arbitrary, capricious, and in unreasonable disregard for the duties and responsibilities of the office.
Muhar address the commissioners on December 27th, when the salary of elected officials was decided.
The “elected” (County Auditor/Treasurer, County Attorney, County Sheriff, and County Recorder) initially asked the board for a two percent raise, consistent with what other county employees received this year.
Muhar addressed the board to talk about wage parity. County Attorney’s in comparable counties 20-30% more than Muhar. He asked the board for a $9000 increase and the 2% raise, arguing that his position, his experience, and his education should be reflected in his salary.
Commissioner Terry Snyder told Muhar that the budget for 2017 was set in September/October and that he wished this could have been addressed then.