About 30 residents attended Monday’s special meeting of ISD 318’s school board. At the heart of the issue is a 50 minute period each day for elementary school. The district proposed decreasing physical education from an everyday activity to a few days a week in order to create more time for Media and Music. Interim Superintendent Sean Martinson wanted to let everyone know that your opinions are being heard “We are listening, we wouldn’t hold a listening session if we weren’t going to listen. I don’t know what will come back. But the part that I want the community to have a feel would be, if anything resembles similar to what we’ve already talked about, I would not want you to feel like, well they didn’t listen. Because unfortunately in this process with all the world languages, art, STEM, STEAM, physical education and music. Somebody will feel as if they didn’t get what they wanted so to speak”
Nothing was decided at the meeting. The board sent the issue back to the administration department. A decision is expected within the next few weeks.
David Moody reporting.