Grand Rapids Police Officer Justin Edmundson pulled over a man driving 38 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone Friday near midnight and discovered the man was in need of help. The driver, identified as Darwin Mathews of Hutchinson believed he was only 10 minutes from Hutchinson. He explained that he left to get groceries 30 minutes ago and was almost home. Officer Edmundson contacted the man’s family and discovered the man was last seen 7 hours ago and his family had notified police that he was missing. Mathews was taken to Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital for an evaluation.
Grand Rapids Police Chief Scott Johnson, in an email, said, “if not for Officer Edmundson, the outcome could have been tragic. A job well done.”
Mathews’ family arrived around 6am Saturday and picked up Mathews and his vehicle at Grand Itasca.