From the Grand Rapids Police Department:
Friday, someone fraudulently charged two mini-bikes and assorted merchandise at L&M in Grand Rapids. Merchandise is valued at over $800. There is a suspect.
Some one set off the sprinklers at the Country Inn and Suites by hanging a clothes hanger from the sprinkler head. Grand Rapids Fire Department was called.
A section of road between 2nd Avenue northeast and 3rd Avenue northeast was flooded by 8-10 inches of water from Friday’s storm. Public Works was notified.
Saturday, a toaster set off a fire alarm at Manor House. Grand Rapids Fire reset the alarm.
Two large urns and one candy dish were reported stolen from the Judy Garland House. The urns are described as large, green, with floral artwork on the front. No value available.
Sunday night, police freed one of two dogs shut in a car on Pokegama Avenue. The car was hot, the dogs had no water or food and had been barking for hours. Officers took one dog out of the vehicle and put it in the pound. The other was too aggressive to safely coax out of the vehicle. The owner was advised he will be receiving a citation for unattended animal in a motor vehicle.