A warrant was executed Friday afternoon on Stoeke Street in Grand Rapids. According to a report from the Grand Rapids Police Department, officers were aware that a man with two active warrants was driving in the area. Officers located the vehicle, initiated a traffic stop, and ordered the driver and passenger to put their hands out the window. The driver sped away. The suspect traveled down River Road and turned into the waste treatment plant. One officer attempted to block the exit/entrance. The suspect turned around and made to ram the blocking squad. The officer in the squad, believing he was going to be rammed, moved his vehicle before the collision. The suspect’s vehicle was located in the ditch nearby- with wheels spinning. The driver and passenger taken into custody. The female passenger was eventually released. The suspect/driver had two active warrants. One warrant was for absconding from work Huber in Itasca County. The other warrant is for misdemeanor theft. Additional charges are pending.