The Grand Rapids Police Department would like to make you aware of a fraud call that Officer Bill Saw investigated yesterday, May 15th. A local restaurant received a telephone call just before closing for the day. The caller claimed to be with their corporate security department and told the manager that there was a problem with the restaurant’s security system, including the cash register. He directed her to remove the cash from the store’s register and take it to a bank, depositing it in the manager’s personal account, explaining this was necessary, “For security reasons.”

He then convinced the manager to provide him her cell phone number and then tried to convince her to download an app on her cell phone. She was instructed to punch her debit card number into the app, telling the manager that he was going to move the money into a secure location for the restaurant. Fortunately, the manager chose not to do so.

Of course, the restaurant’s legitimate security department knew nothing about this until contacted by the police department. We want you to know that this is a fraud. The caller’s intent is to steal money. Would you please make your employees aware of this fraud?