PRESS RELEASE- Itasca County Sheriff/Grand Rapids Police Department


(Grand Rapids – MN) On Thursday afternoon, December 9th, at 4:00 PM, a very disturbing message was posted on Facebook by an Itasca County resident. The message was a threat to kill law enforcement officers and read:
“I wanna see some cops get killed, how about you? Especially some of the Grand Rapids cops.”

Within minutes, other members of the community, seeing this on Facebook, began notifying the Grand Rapids Police Department and Itasca County Sheriff’s Department of this threat. In fact, people as far away as Michigan and Arizona contacted the departments. Thanks to their efforts, within the hour, the man was located at a residence in Grand Rapids and taken into custody.

According to Lieutenant Albert Morse of the Itasca County Sheriff’s Department, “The 20 year old Grand Rapids man was held for psychological evaluation.”

“In various parts of the United States the relationship between law enforcement and the community is being painted as very strained. Yet, we know this is not reality in Itasca County”, said Grand Rapids Police Sergeant Bob Stein. Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams stated, “The men and women who serve as your police officers and deputies want to thank you very much. It is comforting to know that you are looking out for us and have our backs. THANK YOU!!!”