EEO Public File Report

Lamke Broadcasting

Hiring Policy

All employment units hiring goes through our assigned EEO officer and General Manager.  His responsibility is to ensure the stations are compliant with EEO policies.  EEO memos are posted within our building and a copy is given to each new employee.  All new positions, with the exception of an occasional exigent circumstance, are subject to broad outreach before hiring decisions are made.

In accordance with 73,2080 (C) (4), each manager knows our policy from our regular management meetings to send all the full-time employment openings to our recruitment sources, including the Minnesota Broadcasters Association.  We post all openings on our stations and websites.  All organizations that express any interest in notification of new hiring opportunities will be provided with notice as soon as possible.  Periodically, we will evaluate the effectiveness of our outreach contacts. Based on leads generated for new employment opportunities, we will delete unresponsive contacts and add new outreach organizations and institutions from our area or neighboring states.

In accordance with 73,2080 (C) (4), our management analyzes pay benefits and seniority practices, promotions and selection techniques every time we hire a full-time employee based on our broadcast associations continual training through webinars and emails or other information.  We have no union agreement.  The EEO officer for the company periodically does a comparison of employee salaries to ensure there is no discrimination based on sex, religion, or race in regards to the job assigned and the pay received.  Employee pay is based on performance and merit.  All benefits (health insurance, vacation, sick leave, etc) afforded to our employees are the same for everyone and based entirely on length of service  (vacation) and at the sole discretion of each full-time employee as to whether or not they avail themselves to the offered benefits.  It is the ongoing policy of our company to ensure that all decisions made concerning employees are made based on job performance and are not discriminatory.

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