In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

  • On Monday December 23rd a retail business on Pokegama Avenue South reported a shoplifting incident. A suspect had been apprehended by store personnel after having taken a set of bib overalls, a jacket, chainsaw and generator, the total value was not released. While being escorted to the office the suspect broke free and ran out the front door, knocking an employee to the floor. The suspect was stopped by two customers in the parking lot and returned to the office where he fell to his knees and injured them. EMS was notified. The suspect was arrested for felony theft and charged with gross misdemeanor escape, misdemeanor giving a false name & DOB, misdemeanor fleeing on foot and disorderly conduct.
  • Also on Monday a vehicle pedestrian accident occurred in the parking lot of a retail merchant on 29th street SE. The pickup truck backed into the pedestrian and left the scene. Video surveillance identified the vehicle and it was located in the parking lot of a retail grocer on Pokegama Avenue South. The driver admitted to being in the retail outlet’s parking lot but did not know they had struck the pedestrian. The back window of the pickup truck was snow covered and the read bumper showed evidence of having hit something. The victim was taken to the ER, treated for a bruised back and released.
  • A residence on Pokegama Avenue South had a $30 wreath stolen on Thursday December 26th. The homeowner reported seeing a vehicle speed away.
  • Also on Thursday a customer of a bank on 10th Street SW reached across the counter while his teller’s back was turned and took two $1 coins. The bank reviewed security video and identified the suspect. The suspect was brought in to the police station and questioned. He admitted to taking the coins and spending them at a retail outlet on 29th street SE. He was cited for theft.