In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

  • A vehicle – building accident was reported on Monday February 3rd from a discount retail outlet on 29th Street SE. The vehicle had hit the side of the building causing significant damage to the building, the vehicle was also damaged however not as severely. The vehicle was towed, the building is awaiting repairs.
  • A mailbox was reported damaged on Monday from Horseshoe Drive in rural Grand Rapids. It appears a snowmobile caused the $60 in damages. Law enforcement was unable to follow the sled tracks in the snow because of vehicles driving over them.
  • On Wednesday February 5th a hit and run was reported from the Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital parking lot. Almost $1100 in damages to the rear bumper and tail-light assembly was done. There isn’t any video surveillance available.
  • On Thursday February 6th a one vehicle accident was reported from CR 63 in rural Grand Rapids. A mini-van struck the median strip and damaged two traffic signs and became stuck in the snow. There was signs that the driver attempted to dig themselves out but when LE arrived there was no-one around. The officer took down insurance and owner information from the vehicle and had it towed out and taken to impound.