In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

  • A shoplifter was reported from a retail merchant on 29th Street SE on Friday January 31st. The thief took about $12 in cosmetics.
  • Also on Friday a resident of 3rd Avenue reported their prescription medications had been stolen from their mailbox. Under investigation.
  • A resident of 1st Avenue SW reported a suspicious person walked up to her back door on Friday attempting to deliver a pizza. The resident thought it suspicious because the delivery person had to walk through the garage and back yard to get to the door. She contacted the pizza place and they had no record of any mis-delivered pizza’s in the area. The incident is under investigation.
  • A forced entry burglary was reported on Saturday February 1st from 7th Avenue NE. The home owner said she heard someone in the downstairs part of the house. When law enforcement arrived she tossed the keys to the door down to them but they were unable to open the front-door with them. They ended up breaking open the back door, checking the entire house to insure the burglar wasn’t still in the building. They were unable to locate a suspect.
  • Also on Saturday a patron at a coin operated laundry on Itasca Street reported her wallet had been stolen. She described the suspect and reported that there was $500 in the wallet. A little while after the initial report she contacted law enforcement again to report that she had found the wallet in a trash can, missing only $5. The bulk of her cash was hidden in a secret compartment in the wallet.