In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

  • On Tuesday January 7th an officer from the Grand Rapids Police Department was dispatched to a residence on US Highway 2 East to execute an arrest warrant. The apartment resident allowed the officer to look for the suspect who was found hiding in a cabinet under the bathroom sink. The suspect was arrested on the outstanding warrant.
  • A service station on 4th Street NW reported a vehicle had drove off without paying for the 15 gallons of gas pumped in the tank, nor did they remove the gas hose from their tank. The hose was broken off at a cut-off point, costing $120 in repairs and about 5 additional gallons of gas were pumped on the ground before the service station attendant hit the emergency cut off. The following day the service station reported another vehicle did the same, leaving without paying for the $60 in gas and breaking the hose and again costing $120 for repairs and loosing almost $100 in gas to spillage.
  • On Wednesday January 8th a retail outlet on Pokegama Avenue South reported a customer had written two checks totaling $1800 that did not clear the bank. The incident is under investigation.
  • A customer at a retail outlet on 29th Street SE reported she was missing some prescription pain medication from her purse. She had accidentally started pushing the wrong shopping cart and when she noticed her error and located her cart and purse the pills were gone. The retail store is reviewing their video surveillance to determine the identity of the thief.
  • On Thursday January 9th an officer on patrol on Pokegama Avenue South observed a vehicle leave a convenience store and head north. The officer noticed the driver and knew him to be revoked. The officer followed the vehicle and observed the vehicle pull into a closed pizza business, park in the back parking lot and turn off his lights. The officer pulled beside the vehicle and questioned the driver, who was revoked, about the definition of “eluding police”. Ultimately the driver was cited for driving after being revoked and his vehicle towed to impound.