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Crime Report 011614

In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

A forced entry burglary was reported from a business on 5th Street NW on Monday January 13th. Entry was gained from a rear window, the screen was cut and some glass breakage occurred. Damage estimate is about $500, stolen was an undisclosed amount of cash.
Also on Monday a student at the RJE Middle School was observed to commit an act of vandalism. The suspect entered a boys bathroom and wrote on the wall with a pencil the phrase “Resurrect the Daleks”. The school imposed sanctions on the suspect.
A tablet computer was reported taken from a classroom at the Grand Rapids High School on Monday. The student was not authorized to take the tablet home but did. When confronted the student admitted to taking the $420 worth of equipment, Law enforcement located the missing property at the students home and returned it.
A vehicle parked at a retail outlet on 4th Street NW was broken into on Monday. Missing is $160 worth of fishing rods, $100 in cash and $25 in tobacco products. Entry was gained by cutting the cardboard used to block a broken window. Video surveillance was not available of the parking lot.
An ice fisherman reported a theft from McKinney Lake on Tuesday January 14th. His portable / collapsible clamshell type fish house, a portable space heater, a tackle box and other fishing equipment was taken. Total dollar amount for the stolen items was not reported.
On Wednesday January 15th law enforcement on patrol near the water tower on 9th Street NW observed a vehicle with two suspicious persons apparently working on some installed equipment at the water tower. Law enforcement questioned the individuals who […]

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Itasca County Park Management Plan 011614

The Fairgrounds Park Management Plan (FPMP) Task Force is inviting public input on Tuesday January 21st from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Itasca County Board Room. The FPMP Task Force will use this information for the development of a management plan for the Itasca County Fairgrounds Park. A park management plan holds the vision for the future of the park and defines a long-range planning and management strategy. Each Itasca County park has a management plan. The Fairgrounds Park is the most recent addition to the county park system and this is the first plan to be developed for this park. To assist in the information gathering process we have contracted with John Powers of Applied Insights North. Mr. Powers will convene and facilitate the conversation. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may offer written comments by mail or email. Send written correspondence to Itasca County Land Department, 1177 LaPrairie Ave., Grand Rapids, MN 55744 or email to

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Governors Bonding Proposal 011614

Governor Mark Dayton introduced a bonding proposal that would invest $986 million in infrastructure projects statewide, creating more than 27,000 Minnesota jobs1. This new jobs bill would help addresses many of the state’s critical infrastructure needs, while strengthening Minnesota’s economy and getting people back to work. “My proposals will put thousands of Minnesotans to work throughout our state,” said Governor Dayton. “This bill gives priority to projects that are ready to go. Many of them have been delayed for years and are crucial to revitalizing downtown business centers, modernizing MnSCU and U of M buildings and classrooms, and improving parks, roads, and local infrastructure.” One notable item absent from the Governor’s proposal, the Reif Center renovation / expansion.


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Elder Circle Fraud Alerts 011514

A potential victim in Marcel received a call from someone with an accent stating she won some money. The victim did not cooperate. The suspect called her back to leave a message saying that “she was screwed because she didn’t answer her phone”. The victim also reported the call to her phone company.

A potential victim in Pengilly stated that he received an automated call that said it was the Itasca County Jail and wanted him to accept a collect call because his daughter was in jail, however he states that his daughter is out in Utah in the Air Force.

A potential victim in Grand Rapids received a call from a male indicating he worked for Payday Loans, and he was trying to collect $1200 from a loan the potential victim took out a couple years ago however the potential victim said he has not taken out any loans from Payday.

A potential victim in the Grand Rapids / Deer River area said that they received a call from a private number stating that their master card debit card was lost and stolen and to enter their pin number. Neither party had a master card.


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2013 2014 Pokegama Plaza Grocery Grab

The 2013 / 2014 Pokegama Plaza Merchants Association Grocery Grab is over. Stephanie Nelson managed to toss $1896.21 in groceries into her carts during her five minute shopping spree at Miners Cub Foods. She said she prepared for the event by scoping out the store, finding a good shopping cart and making sure her running shoes were in good shape. She wanted to thank the sponsors of the event, the merchants in Pokegama Plaza, Cub Foods and KOZY / KMFY radio. The rules allows for only two of any item, such as two cuts of meat, two types of coffee or two jars of juice. Items not allowed include dairy products, due to state regulatory policies and non-grocery items such as magazines or health & beauty products. Congratulations Stephanie Nelson on your record setting $1892.21 Grocery Grab Shopping Spree.

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Snowmobile Accident Near buhl 011514

A 64 year old man was injured when his snowmobile flipped on a patch of ice on Highway 169 about a mile north of Buhl on Tuesday. According to the Minnesota State Patrol Thomas Barnes of Marion Iowa was southbound on HWY 169 when he was ejected from his sled after it flipped. Barnes was transported to the Virginia Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. The St Louis County Sheriffs Office assisted at the scene.

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LIHEAP Funding 011414

In the wake of the dangerously low temperatures that hit Minnesota the first week in January, U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken released a report on critical heating assistance that helps tens of thousands of Minnesota families and seniors afford to keep their homes warm each winter. The senators said that federal support for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has been cut drastically over the past few years. In response, Sens. Klobuchar and Franken released a county-by-county report on LIHEAP funding in Minnesota and said they plan to redouble their efforts to increase support for the critical program, which in 2012 helped more than 160,000 Minnesota households pay to heat their homes. Itasca County received $3,787,410.39 last year. They have successfully fought to ensure that tens of millions of dollars in emergency LIHEAP funding have been available to Minnesota families and seniors. In December, they joined a bipartisan coalition of their colleagues and asked the President to increase annual funding for LIHEAP, which has been slashed by more than 30 percent in recent years.


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Snowmobile Safety 011414

Several recent snowmobile accidents, including a fatal crash Saturday, have officials reminding riders to be safe out there. Captain Mike Hammer with the Minnesota D-N-R says there are many things that cause riders to lose control, including open water, limited visibility and trees, but just slowing down will help. Hammer says the maximum snowmobile speed limit in Minnesota is 50 during the day and night, but he urges riders to adjust their speeds accordingly at night and not “over drive” their headlights.


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Crime Rreport 011314

In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

The Grand Rapids Police Department and the Grand Rapids Fire Department were called to an apartment complex on 10th Street SE on Friday January 10th for a report of a vehicle fire. The vehicle owner had noticed her car smoking and sparking on her way to work and returned home to attempt to locate a fire extinguisher in her apartment. She parked her car between two others and went into her apartment. When she returned, without the fire extinguisher she discovered her vehicle completely engulfed in flames. The fire department managed to put out the vehicle fire but not before it destroyed her car and severely damaged the vehicles parked next to hers. An estimate for the fire damages was not provided.
An officer patrolling Pokegama Avenue South stopped a vehicle on Friday for illegal passing in the left lane. The car pulled into the left-hand turn lane to pass a snow removal truck removing snow. The driver was cited for illegal passing.
An apartment resident reported their apartment was burglarized on Friday. When the resident returned home the apartment was found unlocked and ransacked. It was uncertain if anything was missing. Under investigation.
On Saturday January 11th a passerby reported an elderly male on the side of Highway 169 East shaking his cane at passing traffic. Law enforcement located the individual and determined he was attempting to flag down assistance, his vehicle had got stuck in a snow bank while he was visiting his wife’s grave. With the help of some good Samaritans they got his car unstuck and sent him on his way.
On Sunday January 12th the railroad crossing arms on Pokegama Avenue between 2nd […]

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Nason Sentenced 011314

On Friday January 10th fifty year old Eugene Nason of Deer River was sentenced in District Court to 312 months in prison for his guilty plea to the charge of second degree murder. The charge stems from an incident that Nason killed his girlfriend during an incident that occurred on July 24th in 2013 at their residence in Deer River. The sentence is consistent with the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. County Attorney John J. Muhar said that he recognizes and appreciates the collaborative efforts with his office, the Itasca County Sheriffs Office, the Deer River Police Department and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in bringing this matter to a speedy and just conclusion.

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