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Hibbing Man charged with Assault and Attempted Kidnapping

A 27 year old man is in jail, charged with the sexual assault and attempted kidnapping of a five year old girl. Travis L Turk of Hibbing, was arrested and charged Wednesday with two counts of criminal first degree sexual assault and two counts of first degree burglary. He remains in the St. Louis County jail pending $100,000 bail. Each assault count could bring a maximum 30 years in prison and a $40,000 fine.
According to the criminal complaint, Turk entered the child’s home and assaulted her early Tuesday morning. The child’s scream woke her mother, who found the stranger holding her child. The man ran from the home. An investigation by the Hibbing Police Department and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department led to Turk’s arrest.
According to court records, Turk had been watching the child for several month. He also admitted to molesting more than a dozen other children prior to turning 18.
Turk’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 9th.

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Greenway to Begin Negociations with Superintendent Candidate

The school board of Independent School District 316 will have a new look the next time it meets. Wednesday, the board canvassed votes for the May 17th election and certified Michael Williams as its newest member, filling a seat left vacant last August. Williams was elected in a May 17th Special election. Williams will join the board for its June meeting.
Michael Williams
The board added a number of items to the agenda prior to the meeting, including welcoming Superintendent finalist, David Pace, to the meeting. Pace is the only finalist for the position. The board passed a resolution to begin negotiations with Pace.
The board approved three resignations and one retirement. Band teacher Sander Grotjohn, elementary teacher Kacey Granley, and early childhood special education teacher Angie Miskovich submitted their resignations. After 29 ½ years, custodian John Wright will retire at the end of the school year.

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Body of Hibbing Boy Found

The body of a 20 year old Hibbing boy found near Mott Pitt last Thursday has been identified. According to the St. Louis County sheriff’s Office, the victim was identified throught fingerprint identification as 20 year old Jaysen Greenwood. A 19 year old Hibbing resident was arrested without incident Saturday. He’s being held in the St. Louis County Jail in Hibbing. No more information is available.

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Hammerlund Awarded Cohasset Bid

Tuesday night, the Cohasset City Council awarded the bid for Industrial Park Phase 2 to Hammerlund Construction, despite an accusation from Casper Construction that Hammerlund violated the “Responsible Contractor” statute.
Prior to the council meeting, the city received an affidavit from a former Hammerlund employee who claimed Hammerlund did not pay fringe benefits under the prevailing wage statue. The city also received a letter from the attorney representing Hammerlund, along with a letter from the Minnesota Fringe Benefits Fund stating Hammerlund is current with all payments, including fringe benefits and promissory note payments.
Cohasset City Attorney John Licke told the council they weren’t expected to be judge and jury.

On a vote of 4-1, Tim Carlson dissenting, the vote passed. Hammerlund did submit the lowest bid at $2,889,000.00.
The council approved a Project Labor Agreement for the project before awarding the bid.

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Rural Grand Rapids Man Arrested for Possession

A rural Grand Rapids man was arrested yesterday when the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Grand Rapids Police Department, executed a search warrant in Itasca county. the 60 year old man was arrested for First Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance. Law enforcement seized approximately 43 grams of suspected methamphetamine. He’s expected to be charged in Itasca County District Court.

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Squaw Lake Man Sentenced

An Deer River teen was sentenced Tuesday in Itasca County District Court for the felony crime of first degree manslaughter. 18 year old Walter Everett Charwood of Deer River previously entered the plea. Tuesday, Charwood was sentenced to a year in jail and 15 years supervised probation.
The charges stem from an incident on January 12th where Charwood picked up a rifle inside his home, took the safety off, pointed the gun a 17 year old Dallas James Graciano, and fired.
Graciano was found dead in Charwood’s bedroom.
Charwood told authorities that he usually loads the rifle outside and that he was trying to put the safety back on when the rifle fired. Charwood called 9-1-1.
The first degree manslaughter charge alleges that Charwood caused the death of another in committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor (including reckless handling or use of a gun) or a gross misdemeanor offense with such force and violence that death or great bodily harm to any person was reasonably foreseeable, and murder in the first degree or second degree was not committed thereby.

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Northland Employee Faces Felony Charges

A thirty-year old employee of Northland Recovery has been charged in Itasca County District court with eight counts in connection with breaking a 15 your old out the Northland’s care and sexually assault.

30 year old Melanie Lynn Peterson of Grand Rapids worked at Northland Recovery and is charged with allegedly assisting the 15 year old male to run away from Northland, letting the juvinile stay at her apartment, having intercourse with him, and giving him a controlled substance. All the crimes allegedly occurred on April 26th.

Peterson made her court appearance on April 28th. She’s been charged with three counts of felony criminal sexual conduct in the 1st degree, one count felony 3rd degree controlled substance crime, one count felony 4th degree controlled substance, one count felony 4th degree possession of a controlled substance, one count felony deprivation of custodial or parental rights and one count gross misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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ISD 316 to rely on IASC

Independent School District 316 will have a new Superintendent.   Last night, during the regularly scheduled school board meeting, the board chose to use the services of IASC, the Itasca Area School Collaborative, until June 30th.
Matt Grosse, Superintendent of ISD 317 of Deer River and Chair of IASC, will facilitate Greenway’s Superintendent needs until June 30th.  Sue Hoeft, who had been handling Superintendent duties for the last two weeks, will return to her duties as Principal of Vandyke elementary School.
School Board Chair, Bob Schwartz said it was the least intrusive option.  The district is taking applications for the full-time Superintendent position until May 9th.
The board also heard a preliminary report on the Q-Comp proposal.  The union and the school board must sign off on the two year proposal.

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Dealership “Keyer” Caught

Grand Rapids Police Department News Release

(GRAND RAPIDS, MN)  Grand Rapids Police announced late Monday that an arrest has been made in the vandalism to  numerous vehicles at Grand Rapids GM that occurred on April 16th.   The suspect, yet to be charged, scratched the paint on twelve new vehicles parked in the lot.  Damage is estimated at over $25,000.

According to Grand Rapids Police Investigator Brian Mattson, “We worked very hard to solve this case. The break came over the weekend after many people saw the video posted on social media. We received a number of tips as to who the individual is that was seen damaging these vehicles.”  Monday afternoon, investigators questioned a 62 year old Grand Rapids man in connection with the vandalism.

“After confronting him with portions of the video, the man confessed to this act of vandalism” said Investigator Kevin Ott. A search warrant was obtained and clothing he wore during the vandalism was found.

“We very much want to thank the public for all their assistance” said Grand Rapids Assistant Police Chief Steve Schaar. “Without the public’s help we probably wouldn’t have been able to identify the perpetrator.”

The man believed to be responsible for these crimes is now in the Itasca County Jail awaiting charging by County Attorney Jack Muhar.

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Police Officer Helps Homeless Man

Last Thursday, a 34 year old Nashwauk man left his bicycle and backpack outside M&H Convenience store and went inside. After 10 minutes, he came out to find his backpack stolen. Officer Ashley Moran responded to the theft complaint. The man was homeless. The stolen pack contained everything he owned- his birth certificate, social security card, tent, butane lighters, and $200 cash. Officer Moran purchased food, drinks, and a phone charger for the man and gave him $20.00 from her pocket.
Employees of M&H are looking to see whether the theft was caught on camera. The incident is under investigation.

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