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Local Resident Defrauded

A local resident is out $4400 dollars. He was called and told he won a lottery. All he had to do was deposit $4400 into some one else’s bank account. He was told someone would meet him at the bank with his winnings. He made the first deposit then was asked for a second deposit of $14,000. A teller at Wells Fargo Bank denied the transaction and alerted authorities. The initial $4400 was already withdrawn in Indiana.

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No charges Will Be Filed

Itasca County Attorney’s Office
April 20, 2017

Itasca County Attorney John J. Muhar and Sheriff Victor J. Williams report that on April 15, 2017, an altercation between Mark Mehle, age 82, of Goodland, Minnesota, and Ed Allen Spawn, age 52, of Goodland, Minnesota, was called to the attention of the Itasca County Sheriffs Office by Ed Spawn. An Itasca County Deputy promptly responded to Spawn’s residence and interviewed him about the incident. After he completed interviewing Spawn, Deputy Cory Rondeau learned that Mark David Mehle had contacted Itasca County Dispatch to report the same incident from the Hibbing Hospital. Deputy Rondeau then promptly responded to the Hibbing Hospital and interviewed Mark Mehle, and his son, Kristopher Adam Mehle about the incident.

On April 19, 2017, the Itasca County Sheriffs Office submitted a case file to the Itasca County Attorney’s Office for review. Upon receipt of the investigative file, the Itasca County Attorney’s Office conducted a thorough, objective review of the evidence in the file. After completing review of the evidence in the file, the County Attorney’s Office has concluded that Mark David Mehle was the initial and primary aggressor throughout the altercation. Only after Spawn struck Mehle in the face in an attempt to defend himself, did Mehle cease his physical aggression toward Spawn. The County Attorney’s Office has concluded that Spawn did not act with intent to assault Mehle, but only in an effort to defend himself. As such, the County Attorney’s Office has concluded that Spawn has a legally viable claim of self-defense for his actions in punching Mehle in the face and that it would be inappropriate to bring criminal charges against Spawn for merely acting to defend himself. Accordingly, there […]

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No Charges Filed

No charges will be filed against 52 year old Ed Allen Spawn or 82 year old Mark Mehle, both of Goodland. Itasca County Sheriff’s Deputies interviewed both Spawn and Mehle and concluded Mehle was the aggressor in the fight than sent Mehle to the Hibbing Hospital.
The Itasca County Attorney’s office concluded Spawn was defending himself and that he did not act with intent to assault Mehle.
The incident has been extensively discussed on Facebook.

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Eveleth Car Accident

A two car accident occurred Wednesday morning on Highway 53 in Eveleth. The first vehicle, a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, operated by 31 year old Brad Waara of Eveleth, the other vehicle was a 2012 GMC Acadia operated by 27 year old Benayshi Dunkley also of Eveleth. Waara was crossing HWY 53 in St. Louis County making a left turn to head North. While making the turn he turned into into the GMC, which was going straight across HWY 53. Dunkely was transported with non life threatening injuries, Waara was not injured.

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Grand Rapids Fire Death

A Grand Rapids woman has dies of injuries suffered in last week’s fire. Thirty-one year old Wendy Vraa was rescued by fire fighters inside the Tic Tac Toe building fire last Tuesday evening. She was transferred to the Hennepin County Medical Center, where she died of her injuries.
Funeral services will be Saturday at 11am at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Grand Rapids.

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Car-Bicycle Accident

One person was injured in a car-bicycle accident Monday afternoon. According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, Erin McNally was riding a bicycle on Pokegama Avenue when she was hit by a vehicle driven by Dawn Latimer. A passerby called 9-1-1. Latimer said she was leaving the Grand Square Shopping Center when she hit McNally. McNally told Latimer that she was fine. Latimer transported McNally to Grand Itasca to make sure she was ok. McNally suffered only a red mark on her hip.

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Hill Lake Township Accident

A 54 year old Spicer man was injured in a one vehicle accident Monday morning. 54 year old Steven Richard Bergeson was driving a Super Duty truck north on Highway 169 around 10:00 am Monday when he lost control. He cut across the south-bound lanes and struck a tree in the west ditch. He was taken to Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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Itasca County Rejects Plan

The Itasca County Board of Commissioners gave a thumbs down to a reorganization plan for the former Essar Steel, now known as Mesabi Metallics. The Essar plant, idled for a year and a half, is restarting some core processes under the approval of the bankruptcy court, even as at least one other company bids for the unfinished plant.
Mitch Brunfelt, Mesabi Metallics General Counsel, updated the commissioners Tuesday.

On Saturday, Chippewa Capital Partners LLC — and which includes Tom Clarke, owner of ERP Iron Ore, submitted a bid of $250 million to a federal bankruptcy court. Clarke was the successful bidder last year for the bankrupt Magnetation

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Cohasset Parking

Cohasset residents with RVs and campers don’t need to worry about where you park your toys. The Cohasset City Council pared down a proposed city parking ordinance. The agenda item drew phone calls to city hall.
The ordinance was adopted, allowing security officer Dean Scherf to issue parking tickets to people parking in handicapped parking spots, no parking areas, and the boat landing.

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Woman Injured in House Fire

A Grand Rapids woman is hospitalized in a Twin City hospital after being pulled from a burning building in Grand Rapids last night.
31 year old Wendy Vraa was pulled from the building on North West 3rd Street around 5:30 last night. She was non-responsive. She was given CPR and transported to Grand Itasca then airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center.
Another resident was able to escape on his own and a dog was rescued by firefighters.
The State Fire Marshall’s Office is investigating.

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