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Car-Bike Accident

A car-bicycle accident on 1st Avenue Northwest sent one person to the hospital on Tuesday.
A vehicle was traveling north on 4th Street NW at 1st Avenue NW, when the driver failed to notice the red stop light. The driver hit a person legally crossing the intersection on his bicycle. The bicyclist, according to witnesses at the scene, was struck with the front driver’s side quarter panel and hit the windshield of the vehicle, prior to flipping over in the air, and landing on the ground. The pedestrian was transported to Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital by Meds One Emergency Medical Service.
The driver was issued a citation for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and a semaphore violation.

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Woman Missing in BWCA Found

A 40 year old Iowa woman was lost in the BWCA for 18 hours Sunday night through Monday. Janene Lee Stewart was with a tour group from an Iowa community college that was camping in the BWCA when she left the group and got lost in the woods. An emergency beacon was activated by the group when they discovered her missing. The rescue squad was activated. The search was called off when Stewart was located by her group.

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Greenway Hiring New Business Manager

Independent School District 316 is looking for a new business manager.  The Greenway district has been collaborating with the Nashwauk/Keewatin school district- sharing the business services of Mark Case.  Case filed notice that he will be retiring on October 1st.

Greenway School Board Chair Bill Hoeft said it is expected that the N/K district will continue to collaborate with Greenway, just in a new capacity.

The board last night rescinded its business collaboration agreement with Nashwauk/Keewatin.  When Nashwauk/Keewatin meets again, it’s assumed its board will also rescind that agreement and the two districts will create a new business model.

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Zim’s Lane Up Again

Is the issue of Zim’s Lane settled? Yes and No. On Tuesday afternoon, the roadway issue came before the Itasca County board of commissioners again. The board heard a petition from Karin Grandia to formally establish Zim’s Lane as a county road.
The road’s ownership has been debated before the council since 2010. Currently, the road is designated a county user road. The county acknowledged assumed authority of the roadway for decades and identified the Zim’s Lane loop as a user road pursuant to Minnesota Statute 160.05, which obligates the county to continue maintenance of the road. The board denied the petition.

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Denny to Resign

A separation agreement was signed between former Police Chief Jim Denny and the City of Grand Rapids at Monday night’s Grand Rapids City Council meeting, effective Tuesday. Also at last night’s Grand Rapids City Council meeting a grant was accepted for the police department for $1,000 from Enbridge Incorporated, and the council approved selling impounded and forfeited vehicles at the Minnesota DNR auction. The next Grand Rapids City Council meeting is Monday September 8th at 5 o’clock.
If you have questions about Grand Rapids, you’re invited to the Grand Rapids Area Library on city council Mondays. Between 11am and noon, Mayor Dale Adams and city Administrator Tom Pagel are available to talk. You’re invited to ask about city council protocols, city plans, and any city issue.

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Grand Rapids Students get IPads

Ipads will be rolling out in Independent School District 318 in late September. Starting this school year, students in grades 4th, 5th, and 9th grade will be receiving Ipads as part of the 1:1 student device initiative. This is the first rollout over a 4 year plan. The use of this technology will be utilized to help enhance and engage the students learning experience.

Teachers have been testing the use of Ipads in the classroom are having the students use the devices to make presentations, videos, and work together as a class. The teachers are also able to record lessons from the day, and post them securely online so students have access to the lesson at home..

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Grand Rapids Police Chief to Resign

The city of Grand Rapids is prepared to sever its ties to Police Chief Jim Denny.
On Monday, the Grand Rapids City council is expected to make two changes in the police department. The council will have a signed “separation and release” contract that has already been signed by Denny to consider. If the council agrees to its terms and approves the contract, Denny will be paid 6 months of his salary, 60 months of health and dental insurance payments, and any other compensation required by law. Denny is expected to use this Extended Medical Benefits and Flexible Time off time first. He is currently on leave.

The council is also expected to sign an Interim agreement between the city and Interim Police Chief Scott Johnson. Interim Chief Johnson’s employment contract calls for Johnson fulfilling the duties of the Chief of Police until and new Chief is hired, or until either party decides to terminate the contract.

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Local Residents Killed in Plane Crash

Funeral services for the three local residents killed in a plane crash in Canada were held jointly last week. Thirty-six year old Lynn BoHanon, 41 year-old Nikolas Rajala, and 40 year-old Teresa Rajala were killed when they’re small plane crashed in Canada.

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Healthy Food is Available

At least 10% of the people using food assistance programs are senior citizens. Sue Estee, Executive Director of the Second Harvest North Central Food Bank, said it’s sad that people of our Greatest Generation need to rely on food assistance. It’s even harder, she said, when they don’t ask for help.
Some seniors living on a fixed income are having a hard time making ends meet- right here in Itasca County. Kristi Kane, Executive Director of Eldercircle, and her staff, visit with seniors and help them fill out paperwork to apply for the programs that benefit seniors.

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Election Results Final

The November ballot has been set.  Tuesday’s primary narrowed the field of candidates for November.

Itasca County attorney John (Jack) Muhar will face off against John Dimich.  Muhar received 50% of the votes cast in Itasca County.  Ellen Tholen was eliminated.

Muhar- 2939

Dimich- 1695

Tholen- 1212

The Itasca County Auditor’s race was a run-away for current auditor Jeff Walker.  Walker received 65% of the votes cast.  Walker will face Doug Carpenter in the November election.  Matthew Fultz was eliminated.

Walker- 3818

Carpenter- 1009

Fultz- 981

In State House District 6A, incumbent Carly Melin beat her D-F-L challenger John Finken with 80% of the votes.

Melin- 2932

Finken- 732

Melin will still have a Republican challenger in November.  Roger Weber ran unopposed in the Republican race.

In the State House D-F-L race in District 5A, incumbent John Persell beat challenger Lavern Pederson with 85% of the votes.

Persell- 1544

Pederson- 281

Persell will face Republican challenger Phillip Nelson in November.  Nelson ran unopposed on the Republican ticket.

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