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Car Accident on Highway 37 Injures Five

Five people were injured in a three vehicle accident Saturday afternoon on Highway 37. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the three vehicles were traveling east on Highway 37. The vehicle driven by Emily Gardeski rear-ended a vehicle driven by 18 year old William Butkovich, which rear-ended a vehicle driven by 37 year old Aimee Raskovich. The Butkovich vehicle contained three passengers. The only person not injured was Raskovich. Injuries are not considered life-threatening.

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Boat-In Movie This Saturday

This Saturday, boaters are invited to drive up to the movie screen at Tioga Beach and enjoy the movie, “The Great Outdoors” starring John Candy and Dan Akroyd.
Boaters can hear the movie through their own stereo and watch the 40 foot screen.

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No Decision on County Attorney Salary

Judge Charles LeDuc ruled last week that Itasca County must increase the salary of Itasca County Attorney Jack Muhar. Muhar filed suit against the county after commissioners failed to pay a two percent raise for this year, and a two percent contractual raise from last year. Muhar also asked for a one-time $9000 bump in salary.
According to the Notice of Appeal, Muhar claims the board’s salary structure and budget are “arbitrary, capricious, and in unreasonable disregard for the duties and responsibilities of his office.”
The lawsuit, alleging that Muhar’s pay rate is not keeping pace with either his subordinates pay or his increased workload, was filed in January.
Tuesday, the Itasca County board of Commissioners met in a closed meeting for a case consultation and legal advice regarding Muhar’s salary.
After the meeting, the commissioner’s public comment was simply that there is no comment at this time.

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Grand Rapids Police Report

From the Grand Rapids Police Department:
Friday, someone fraudulently charged two mini-bikes and assorted merchandise at L&M in Grand Rapids. Merchandise is valued at over $800. There is a suspect.
Some one set off the sprinklers at the Country Inn and Suites by hanging a clothes hanger from the sprinkler head. Grand Rapids Fire Department was called.
A section of road between 2nd Avenue northeast and 3rd Avenue northeast was flooded by 8-10 inches of water from Friday’s storm. Public Works was notified.
Saturday, a toaster set off a fire alarm at Manor House. Grand Rapids Fire reset the alarm.
Two large urns and one candy dish were reported stolen from the Judy Garland House. The urns are described as large, green, with floral artwork on the front. No value available.
Sunday night, police freed one of two dogs shut in a car on Pokegama Avenue. The car was hot, the dogs had no water or food and had been barking for hours. Officers took one dog out of the vehicle and put it in the pound. The other was too aggressive to safely coax out of the vehicle. The owner was advised he will be receiving a citation for unattended animal in a motor vehicle.

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Law Report for 7-13-17

From the Grand Rapids Police Department:
No one was injured to a two vehicle accident Tuesday afternoon on Highway 169 and 11th Street South East. According to the Grand Rapids Police Department accident report, a car driven by Regina Novy was traveling south on Highway 169 when a pickup truck, driven by Cole Fox, entered the highway. Novy’s vehicle struck the Fox vehicle. Fox told authorities he didn’t see anyone coming and pulled out of a parking lot and was struck by Novy’s vehicle. Novy had 5 passengers, three of which were children. EMS was called to check the children out.
A Boston resident was accused to refusing to pay for three days of lodging. He left before paying the bill Tuesday.

From the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office:
A window was reported broken and the home tossed on County Road 119 in Deer River on Tuesday morning.
A cell phone charger and cd reported taken from a vehicle on State Highway 1 in Effie on Tuesday.
A resident on Bezanis Road in Cohasset was drilling when he hit a two inch gas line.
A camper door was damaged on County Road 35 in Deer River.
A birthday card and $20 was reported missing from a mailbox on Little Whitefish Trail in Nashwauk.

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Three Car Accident Closes Downtown Grand Rapids Saturday

A three vehicle accident Saturday afternoon on Highway 169 and north east 3rd street injured seven people. According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, a driver of a pickup, Tawhna Pringle of Grand Rapids, was traveling north on Pokegama Avenue when she coughed and put her head down. When she looked up, she was traveling through a red light. Pringle’s vehicle hit the passenger side of a vehicle driven by 58 year old Lori Houwman. Houwman and her three passengers were transported to the hospital. Houwman was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by Roger Edverson, also of Grand Rapids. Edverson and a passenger, identified as Gladys Edverson were both transported to the hospital by ambulance.
The intersection was blocked off and fire departments were called to cleanup leaking fluids. Additional police were called to assist with traffic flow and traffic was rerouted around the business district while the vehicles were towed.
Pringle was issued a citation for running the red light and causing the accident. The citation written for driving without due care/inattentive driving.

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Law Report for the Weekend of 6/23-25 2017

From the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office

On Friday, June 23rd, a Warba resident returned home to find his back door partially opened and medicine for his dog stolen out of his fridge.
From Bluewater Road in Grand Rapids, a report of a missing wallet from a vehicle. Inside the wallet were credit cards, license, and rewards cards.
A utility trailer was reported taken from County Road 119 in Deer River. It’s valued at $1500. No suspects.
A purse was taken from East Bass Lake Road including a checkbook, credit cards, and $300 cash.
On Saturday, June 24th, a scam was reported from Hart Lake Road. A resident was promised two cars, $6 million dollars, $1000 in clothes, and $10,000 a week for life. The resident sent $10,000.
Deputies responded to a carbon monoxide alarm sounded from Crystal Water Road in Deer River.
Sunday, a Rigid saw was reported stolen from a home on County Road 118 in Deer River. Valued at $1000.
A handgun was reported found in the road on Highway 286 in Marcell. It’ll be held at the sheriff’s office until claimed.
$160 in cash was taken from a wallet left on a car seat at a gas station in Deer River on Sunday.

From the Grand Rapids Police Department

On Friday, June 23rd, a scam was reported on S.E. 7th Street. A caller representing herself as a bank employee called a resident and told him that he owed the bank $4000 but she could settle that if the resident sent $1500. He was advised by law enforcement to go into the bank personally and verify.
Some on drove off without paying for $13.16. There is a suspect.
A […]

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Local Resident Scammed

A local resident was scammed out of $3620.00. The resident was told her computer was infected with a virus. The “company” offered to clean the computer of viruses for just $239.00 a year. The resident let the company take control of her computer and her banking information. The company told her they lost their license and had to return her money. They put $4800 into her bank account instead of the $480. The phone caller asked her to go to Walmart, get (8) $500 gift cards and read them the numbers. The card numbers were read to the caller. The initial $4800 “deposit” was actually the resident’s own money. The scammer had moved that money from the resident’s savings to her checking account to make it look like a deposit.

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Law Report 6/9-6/12

On Friday, a blight notification was taped to a door on Clover Lane. Other blight warnings left at south east 2nd Avenue, south east 1st Avenue, and Willow Lane.
A wallet was found on S.E. 4th Avenue. Contact the Grand Rapids Police Department to claim.
A bad check was accepted from a resident in Winger, Minnesota. It was flagged for fraud.
Two toddlers were found playing near a road with no parent visible on Saturday. The parent was found and the event documented. She was also informed of the blight ordinance.
A car drove across the field between Walmart into the parking lot of Home Depot. The vehicle crashed into a tree. The male driver stated that his brakes went out. It was learned the driver is subject to spot checks and probation wanted him tested based on the information provided.
On Sunday, a greenhouse on Pokegama Avenue South was burglarized. Some on took 20 plants valued at $4.49, 1 brown plastic container 1’x1′ with plants valued at $29.99, 2 small frog statues green glass valued $18.99 each and 1 small bird statue green glass valued at $7.99.
Three juveniles got ice cream and left without paying. They were detained and returned to their parents.
A 17 year old lost his wallet in Hill City at the mud run and needed gas to get home. No one in town would take a credit card over the phone. Officers talked with station management who said they would take a credit card if officers identified the grandmother. Gas was pumped and paid for.
On Sunday, officers cited a driver for parking on a handicap parking space.
Officers retrieved a […]

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High Speed Chase

A 48 year old man was jailed Sunday on domestic assault charges after leading police on a high speed chase along Highway 37. Deputies attempted to arrest the man in Cherry Township for an incident that occurred Saturday in the McKinney Lake area. The man fled and led duties on a high speed chase on Highway 37 and south on Highway 53. On several occasions, the man waved a long gun out the driver’s side window and eventually threw it out the window. Near the area of Highway 53 and Highway 33, deputies performed a PIT stop and disabled the vehicle. The suspect was uninjured but was taken to a hospital for evaluation before being booked into the St. Louis County Jail.

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