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Cohasset Residents Limited to One Houseboat

Tuesday night, the Cohasset City Council approved the planning commission’s recommendation to limit residents to one houseboat per property.  Mayor Greg Hagy told the 14 people present for the vote that it became an issue when one resident parked 4 houseboats on their shoreland, restricting other’s views.

Two exemptions exist.  One, if a resident would like a free permit, they can park a second on their shore for 14 consecutive days (or 30 calendars days).  If a resident has a second, adjoining lot of 100 feet or more, they can park a second on that property.  The vote was 5-0.

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Itasca County Election Results

Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams kept his job after a challenge by former deputy Bryan Johnson and a strong write-in campaign by Grand Rapids Police Sargent Jeff Carlson on Tuesday.  Williams received 44% of the vote.

The new Itasca County Attorney will be Matti Adam.  Adam ran against John Dimich for the open position.  Longtime county attorney John Muhar is stepping down after this year.

Michelle Toven and Rick Blake return to the Grand Rapids City Council.

Independent School District 318 will have one new member.  Tuesday, six candidates were vying for 3 seats.  David Marty earned a second place finish.  Sue Zeige and Malissa Bahr return to the board.

Residents in the city of Grand Rapids voted no to a 1% sales tax increase.  59% of voters said no.

Itasca County Commissioner Davin Tinquist was reelected over James Rasley.

Voters in Calumet and Harris Township voted to  make both clerk and treasurer an appointed position.


Mayoral races in the area include:

A recount is expected in the Bovey mayoral race.  Robert Stein earned 146 votes to Mike Bibich’s 145.

Bovey city councilors will be Adam Hecimovich and Nancilynn Meyer.  In Cohasset, Terry Bartz and Tim Carlson will return to the city council.  Dan Mandich beat Michael Antonivich for the position of Coleraine Mayor.  Coleraine City Councilors will be Thomas Sutherland and Joseph Pollard.

In Deer River, Steve Geving was elected Mayer.  Deer River City Councilors Barbera Serfling and Daniel Graf were elected Tuesday.

Chris Parks and Merry Lee were elected to the Marble City Council.

Calvin Saari beat Brenda Manthei to become Nashwauk Mayor.  The Nashwauk City Council will consist of Greg Heyblom and Kevin Bodin.

James Camilli overcame Aaron Trombly as the mayor of Taconite.  Ryan Trombly was elected to the Taconite City Council.



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Polymet Permits Approved

DNR issues permits for NorthMet mining project in northeast Minnesota

DNR issues permits for NorthMet mining project in northeast Minnesota
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced today that it has issued permits for Poly Met Mining, Inc.’s (PolyMet’s) proposed NorthMet mining project in northeast Minnesota.
The DNR has issued the permit to mine, six water appropriation permits, two dam safety permits, a public waters work permit, and an endangered species takings permit for the NorthMet project.
The permit to mine includes a financial assurance plan and wetland replacement plan.
Today’s action completes the DNR’s consideration of the major permits that the project needs from the DNR in order to proceed. However, the NorthMet project still requires water and air quality permits from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and a wetlands permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, in addition to other local permits and approvals.
“No project in the history of Minnesota has been more thoroughly evaluated,” said DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr.
“Based on the DNR’s review, we are confident that the project can be built, operated, and reclaimed in compliance with Minnesota’s rigorous environmental standards, which are designed to protect human health and the environment,” Landwehr said. “This does not mean that the project will not have impacts, but it does mean that the project meets Minnesota’s regulatory standards for these permits.”
The NorthMet project would create an open pit copper, nickel, cobalt and precious metals mine and would refurbish a portion of the former LTV Steel Mining Company processing plant. The project is located near the cities of Hoyt Lakes and Babbitt.
Comprehensive financial assurance package
The NorthMet permit to mine permit includes a comprehensive, PolyMet-funded financial assurance package designed to provide sufficient funds for the DNR to reclaim and close […]

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Itasca County Sheriff’s Race Heats Up

The Grand Rapids Herald Review published a story from a forensics review of the phone formerly used by former Itasca County Deputy Brian Johnson.  Johnson is challenging Vic Williams for the position of sheriff.  The report was released to the Grand Rapids Herald Review on October 17th.  According to the newspaper article, the report found Johnson used his county issued phone to A) to search the internet, access and download pornographic material and send sexually charged and explicit images to county employees and others, and B) watch Youtube videos, nap, and disparage other county employees.

Johnson contends others had to access to the phone after he turned it in and that it was a used phone.  The report countered that it would have been difficult to forensically plant evidence without the reviewer knowing.  The county verified Johnson’s phone was new when he received it.

The full article is available in this weekend’s Herald Review.

A third candidate in the sheriff’s race, Jeff Carlson, has launched a write-in campaign.

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Missing Wisconsin Girl

Missing Wisconsin 13 Year Old Girl 

Authorities say a missing teen from Barron County in western Wisconsin was at home when her parents were fatally shot, and continue asking the public for any tips as a nationwide search continues for 13-year-old Jayme Closs. “Is it a random attack or is it a targeted attack? I don’t know that answer. That is why those leads are so important,” said Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald.  The tipline is 855-744-3879. Fitzgerald says investigators have no suspects or persons of interest at this point.

Police received a tip from Miami about an S-U-V with Wisconsin plates and a passenger who might have been Jayme, but Fitzgerald said Wednesday afternoon, “We have received no tips of a credible sighting…. If there was something credible that I wanted out, you would hear it from this podium.”

Fitzgerald says, “We want to bring Jayme home and put that smile back in her family’s hands.”


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Know Your Candidate

KOZY/KMFY/J105 RAdio offered each candidate on local and regional political races the opportunity of talk one-on-one with our listeners.  Many candidates did record one of these 3 minute messages.  In most cases, all candidates running in the same race participated.  In some races, only one of the candidates accepted our offer.   By running these messages, KOZY/KMFY/J105 should not be seen as endorsing these candidates.   Beginning Monday (10/22/18), we will start airing these messages.  Messages will also be posted on our Facebook page and website after airing.

Candidate calendar:

10-22                   Itasca County Sheriff’s Office

10-23                   Non-Candidate *Regular After-Council Briefing

10-24                   Non-Candidate *Regular After-Board Briefing

10-25                  Grand Rapids City Council

10-26                   MN House District 5B

10-29                   Non-Candidate *Itasca Clean Energy Team

10-30                   MN House District 5A and 6A

10-31                   City of Coleraine

11-1                     ISD 318 Part 1

11-2                     ISD 316 Part 2

11-5                     MN Governor’s Race

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Town Hall Meeting Tonight

Governor Dayton will be present tonight at the Nashwauk Township Community Center to discuss the future of the Nashwauk mining and pellet plant and project.

Governor Dayton, IRRRB Commissioner Mark Phillips, DNR mining officials, and Mesabi Metalics CEO Gary Heasley will be present.

All area residents, contractors, and interested persons are invited to learn more about the future of the plant.  The town hall meeting starts at 7pm.

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Arbitrator Backs Sheriff’s Office

Former Itasca County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Johnson was fired with just cause by the Itasca County Sheriff’s Department.  That was the ruling from the arbitrator hearing the union appeal.

According to the ruling, “The presumptive finding was that the Grievant (Johnson) did display a pattern of deceit and dishonesty in his efforts to “cover” up his erroneous entries, characteristic of a “web of deceit.”

The initial firing stemmed from false time card entries.  The arbitrator ruled that it was what happened after the erroneous entries were discovered that justified Johnson’s firing.

Arbitrator James A. Laumeyer ruled that two outside investigators, who arrived at similar conclusions found “a pattern of documented untruths.”

Johnson’s union, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees Council 65 Local 639A contested the firing and Johnson’s placement on administrative leave.

Johnson and Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams are running against each other in November for the elected position of Itasca County Sheriff.  Johnson claims political motivation for his firing after he ran against Williams in 2014.  That claim was dismissed by the arbitrator.

Laumeyer wrote, he “found no influence or malicious act by Sheriff Williams in this matter,”


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Ruby Slippers Recovered



[Grand Rapids, MN] The Grand Rapids Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are today announcing the recovery of the “Ruby Red Slippers,” The slippers, one of at least three other known existing pairs used in the filming of “The Wizard of Oz”, were stolen in 2005 from a Grand Rapids museum, the Judy Garland Museum located at 2727 Pokegama Avenue South. Grand Rapids is the birthplace of Frances Gumm whose stage name was Judy Garland. Garland starred as “Dorothy” in the 1939 film. The slippers were on loan to the museum by a private collector, Michael Shaw, as part of a ten-week travelling tour.

Sometime between 5:45 PM on August 27th and 9:45 Am on August 28th, a burglar broke a window in the museum’s back door and entered. The thief smashed a Plexiglas case resting on a wooden podium in the museum’s gallery and made off with the slippers that were insured for 1 million dollars. The alarm did not sound to a central dispatch station. No fingerprints were left behind.

“The police department really had no evidence and no clues to work with,” said Grand Rapids Police Sergeant Robert Stein. “All we had was a single sequence that had fallen off one of the slippers. The investigator assigned to the case was fearful that the thief might destroy the slippers if he believed the police were on his trail. Therefore, when rumors developed that local wayward youth were most likely responsible for the theft and had tossed the slippers into the Mississippi River or in one of the many water filled iron ore pits that dot the […]

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Ted Foss Move Over Weekend

In April, the Minnesota House on a unanimous vote passed a bill to broaden the “Ted Foss Move Over Law”, requiring drivers to slow down when encountering emergency, maintenance, utility or construction vehicles on the side of roads with only one lane in the direction they’re going. Bill sponsor, Preston Representative Greg Davids, said this bill will save lives. State Trooper Ted Foss was struck and killed by a semi while conducting a traffic stop in August of 2000 on Interstate 90 near Rochester. Law enforcement will be out on the roadway this weekend watching for vehicles that don’t move over for emergency personnel.

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