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National Police Week

The Grand Rapids City Council yesterday proclaimed this week, May 13th thru the 19th, as
National Police Week. Mayor Adams, “now therefore be it resolved, that I Dale Adams, Mayor of Grand Rapids, formally designate May 13th thru the 19th as national police week and publically recognize the service of law enforcement officers in our community and communities across the nation.”
Also at yesterday’s council meeting the council named two new members to the human rights commission and appointed a new member to the housing and redevelopment authority. There will be another position on the housing and development board opening soon.

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Waters south of us are suffering from poor water quality. Homeowners on lake shore can help reverse that. David Lick, with Itasca Waters, Itasca Water Legacy Partnership, has a web site offering tips for landowners, including Buffer strips of native wildflowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs protect water quality and provide habitat for wildlife. Learn about how to maintain your shore land, and the things you can do to help your lake stay healthy and your property maintain its value by visiting

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MADD Presents Award to Kim Johnson

Drunk driving is still the number one cause of deaths on our roadways. Preventing or reducing drunk driving related deaths on roadways is the goal of Madd. Madd Minnesota presents awards to people who work to reduce drunk driving deaths. This year, Kim Johnson, Itasca County Public Health Nurse and Toward Zero Deaths Coordinator, received the 2018 Madd Statewide Recognition award for Environmental Strategy Prevention.

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Cohasset Fire Hires Two Trainees

Cohasset Fire responded to 216 calls in 2017. 153 calls were for medical assistance. 63 for fire rescue. The cost of calls depends on the type of call. Medical calls average $158.00 per call. Fire calls average $171 per call. The one thing volunteer fire departments are struggling with is manpower. The 25 man roster of Cohasset Fire averages 50% of the roster during the working day. Cohasset added two fire trainees to the roster Tuesday, hiring Kevin Ott and Brady Randolph.

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ISD 318 School Bus Accident

A school bus with 21 Grand Rapids High school students on their way to Crookston was involved in a rollover accident this morning.
ISD 318 Communnications Director Jessica Setness:
Twenty-two students and one staff member were traveling to the Great Plains Youth Institute in Crookston this morning when the bus they were on was involved in an accident five miles outside of Bagley. The cause of the accident is not known at this time. Seven students and the driver were transported to the ER in Bagley with minor injuries, such as cuts and abrasions. The State Patrol is on the scene and a bus has been dispatched to pick up the students to return them to Grand Rapids. Updates will be provided when additional details are available.

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Explosion in Superior, WI

Minnesota News Network
An explosion and fire rocked the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior, Wisconsin around 10am this morning, sending at least six people to the hospital. Officials say as of now there are no reports of fatalities. This witness says:
there was an explosion, along with a fireball of black smoke. It’s believed an asphalt leak led to the explosion. Some residents are reporting the explosion shook their house windows up to two miles away. Smoke from the scene is also visible for many miles.

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Ice Death Near Floodwood

An 82 year old Wright Minnesota man died in an UTV accident on Prairie Lake, near Floodwood.
The man, identified as Wallace Schulke, and 61 year old Mark Schulke were riding a UTV on Prairie, when witnesses said they fell through the ice. St. Louis County Sheriff’s Deputies and first responders pulled the victims from the ice. Mark Schulke was transported to a Duluth hospital for minor injuries. First responders attempted life-saving measure on Wallace Schulke, but were unsuccessful.
The cause of the accident is the result of unsafe ice. St, Louis County Sheriff’s office reminds the public that ice conditions are not safe at this time of year.

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No One Injured in Train Derailment

Sunday morning, three cars in a Canadian National train derailed near Highway 101 in Mountain Iron. The cars remained upright and held their load. Trailing cars remained on the tracks. Traffic was able to continue across the highway. The three cars were hauling iron ore. A crew was on scene Sunday to repair the damage.

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Bogus Shooting Reports

Grand Rapids Police Department


[Grand Rapids, MN] The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating telephone calls made to Grand Rapids businesses in which the caller reports that someone has been shot in the parking lot behind the business. On the night of March 20th, between 11:34 PM and 11:46 PM, local businesses, including Country Inn and Suites, Holiday, M&H, and Grand Itasca Hospital and Clinic received telephone calls from a male caller. The male caller told the businesses that he wanted them to call 9-1-1 to report that someone had been shot behind their business. The caller said he could not call 9-1-1 himself because the “9” on his cell phone was broken.

When officers responded to each business, they discovered that there was nobody behind the business and there had been no shooting. “It is against the law to report a false crime. We are currently investigating this and when we find the person responsible they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law” said Grand Rapids Assistant Chief Steve Schaar.


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Greenway School Threat Investigated

Writing on a bathroom wall sent Greenway Schools into a soft-lockdown Friday. According to a release from the district, a message was discovered on a bathroom wall about 10:30.
Students were placed into a soft lockdown. At 1:30pm, after a thorough investigation, the situation was determined to be safe and the school day resumed.
Superintendent David Pace thanked law enforcement for their swift action and the community of parents, staff, and students for their patience.

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