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Greenway Gifted & Talented 013114

Gifted and talented students across the state have a higher level of expectation than the general population and in the Greenway School District Superintendent Mark Adams says they have three levels to assess their students and it is very helpful the state is  funding this program as there is additional costs in preparing the curriculum and the teachers. He also recognized the gifted and talented teacher, Elizabeth Young, for providing the excellent service for these students.

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Greenway Review 013014

The recent spate of cold weather has resulted in several school closings which may result in adding some additional contact days being added; however according to Greenway Superintendent Mark Adams schools within IASC, or the Itasca Area Schools Collaborative, have more contact days then is required so they will be OK unless there are many more cold weather days. He said some alternatives could be to add a little time on each day or to add days to the end of the school year but the conversations have begun and the best solution will be adopted when the time comes.

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Crime Report 013014

In the local crime report from the Grand Rapids Police Department:

An officer was dispatched to the site of a motor vehicle in the ditch on River Road on Monday January 27th. The owner of the pickup truck was on site digging it out of the snow-bank. He related to the officer that his daughter used his truck to get her vehicle unstuck and on the way back became stuck with the truck. The father eventually got his truck out of the snow-bank without any trouble.
On Tuesday January 28th a resident of 3rd Street NW reported some savings bonds were missing from his home. The incident is under investigation.
A resident of 11th Avenue NE reported his house had been burglarized on Wednesday January 29th. The victims reported a $1500 watch, a wallet, a $300 purse with $300 in tips, the keys to the victim’s work place, credit & debit cards and another watch in the purse valued at $1200 were stolen. Photos of the boot prints in the snow were taken and the incident is under investigation.
Also on Wednesday a retail outlet on 29th Street SE reported they had a shoplifter in custody. The suspect had stolen a $12 pregnancy test. She was cited and released.

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MPCA Enforcement Actions 013014

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency completed 65 enforcement cases in 41 Minnesota counties during the fourth quarter of 2013.  These penalties totaled just under 630-thousand dollars. The M-P-C-A also has 141 ongoing enforcement investigations that may or may not lead to penalties being issued. Midway Homes in Grand Rapids was fined $7,250 for solid waste violations. A complete list of all enforcement actions can be found on the agency’s web site at

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Fairbanks Convicted 013014

On Wednesday January 29th an Itasca County Jury found a 30 year old Portage Minnesota man guilty as charged. According to a press release from the Itasca County Attorneys office Brian Fairbanks was charged with the crime of felon in possession of a firearm, together with a related driving offense. The charges stem from allegations that Fairbanks, previously convicted of a felony assault while on probation, illegally possesses a rifle in Ball Club on October 7th 2013. The court set a sentencing hearing for March 17th at 2 PM. Based on the offender’s criminal history and Minnesota sentencing guidelines a sentence resulting in a 60 month commitment will be requested by the prosecution.

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Adams Road Plans 012914

The city is going to be reaching into your pockets later this year. Grand Rapids has to maintain a certain portion of their roadways, which works out to about 3 miles of the ninety miles within the city, every year. Mayor Dale Adams said an area they are looking to resurface is around the old Hilltop Cabins and maybe extend into the Sylvan Bay area. He said each quadrant of town will be getting some significant roadwork done, either overlays or rebuilds, in the next five years according to the Capital Improvement Plan.

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Adams City Council Review 012814

One project discussed during the Grand Rapids City Council meeting on Monday involves 14th Street and Crystal Lake Boulevard improvements, which according to Mayor Dale Adams not all of Crystal Lake and not all of 14th Street. He said that two million dollar project includes the creation of the fairgrounds roundabout and will begin after weight restrictions and should be completed by July in time for the Car Show.

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Grace House 012814

If you are homeless and in need of a warm place to spend the night Grace House has room. According to Sherry Shadley Executive Director, surprisingly enough they have space despite the recent cold spell. Shadley said they have averaged between two and seven openings during January and have yet to require the church overflow service that began January 12th. For more information on Grace House and their services call 326-2790.

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Weather Related Closings 012814



Grand Rapids / Bigfork


Bug – O – Nay – Ge – Shig

Nashwauk / Keewatin

Northland Community (Remer)
2 Hours Late

Hill City
2 Hours Late

Deer River
2 Hours Late

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School Funding 012714

Are we funding schools the right way? That is a question on our legislators minds and has been for a number of years and in an effort to equalize the use of property taxes to fund schools the 2013 legislature approved a levy for school districts that didn’t need voter approval and allocated about $200 per pupil to the districts. Representative Tom Anzelc explains the intent “Our goal was to bring about a more equitable funding stream to all schools in Minnesota and better balance the high wealth metropolitan and suburban districts with huge needs with rural greater Minnesota districts with dangerously low property wealth.” The move proved to be controversial across the state. Senator Tom Saxhaug says the inequity is very apparent “If there was something, an education piece that came out of that whole not going to the voters on that particular amount it’s that particularly people with properties on the lake, kind of found out that our non seasonal neighbors are not paying a thing for an operating levy.” He said finally taxpayers are understanding some of the problems with using property taxes to fund schools.

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