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Monthly Archives: January 2014


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Cold Weather School Closings 010614

With the dangerously cold weather, all K-12 schools are closed today. Governor Mark Dayton announced the closings on Friday, explaining the safety of schoolchildren must be our first priority. The National Weather Service predicted that most of the state would experience the coldest temperatures in a decade. Dayton is asking local school districts to make the decision whether to close schools on Tuesday, January 7. ISD 318 cold weather policy is to cancel school when the air temperature is fifty degrees below zero, either air temperature or with wind chill calculated in. As of this newscast a decision has not been made for Tuesday.


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Keep Your Pets Warm 010614

Pet owners in Minnesota should bring their animals inside this weekend with the coldest temps of the season on the way. Carrie Libera is spokeswoman for the Animal Humane Society and says if it is too cold outside for your children it is too cold for your pets. She says even outdoor dogs should be taken into a garage or basement when the mercury drops way below zero. Dogs’ ears and paws can get frostbite very quickly in the frigid cold.

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Red Cross Warning of Cold Weather 010614

If you have to venture out today, be sure you car is in good working order and don’t forget your winter survival kit. The American Red Cross says it’s better to be safe then sorry. Pack a survival kit which should include bottled water, high protein snacks, extra clothing, a cell phone charger, a bag of sand or kitty litter. Check the Red Cross website for a list and other safety tips.

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Madsen Charged 010314

For over six months area churches have been burglarized, some more than once and Itasca County Sheriffs Investigators have arrested a suspect in connection with those burglaries. Forty-two year old Danny Madsen of Grand Rapids has been formally charged in connection with those burglaries. On Thursday a criminal complaint was filed in District Court charging Madsen with nine counts of second degree burglary, one count of attempted second degree burglary, one count of third degree burglary, felony aiding and abetting receiving stolen property and three counts of aiding and abetting possession of burglary tools. Madsen made an appearance in district court on December 27th where his bail was set at $50,000 without conditions or $25,000 with conditions. He returned to court on January 2nd to redress bail and conditions of release and at that time the court increased his bail to $75,000 without conditions or $50,000 with the condition he remain law abiding, maintain contact with his attorney, keep his court appearances and have no contact with any church in Itasca County. His next scheduled court appearance is set for January 6th at 9:30 AM.

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Propane Carrying Semi Accident 010314

A one vehicle rollover accident closed highway 169 in St Louis County for a short time on Thursday January 2nd. According to the Minnesota State Patrol a semi driven by 53 year old Scott Dougherty of Soudan was southbound on HWY 169 near Karjala Road when it went off the roadway and rolled. The semi was carrying propane. Law enforcement closed the highway for safety although there was not a report of any leaks. Dougherty was not injured in the accident. The St Louis County Sheriffs Office assisted at the scene.

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No Local DWI Arrests 010214

It appears something unusual happened over the New Years Holiday. According to sources within the Grand Rapids Police Department and the Itasca County Sheriffs Office there were no drunk driving arrests. No DUI’S or DWI’S anywhere in Itasca County or the city of Grand Rapids. Preliminary statewide numbers show 106 DWI arrests during the New Year’s holiday. Evidently motorists made wise decisions and used sober drivers or took taxis home from their parties.

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Fishing Regulation Update 010214

The Department of Natural Resources announced that walleye harvest regulations on seven lakes throughout Itasca County will continue and no new regulations will be implemented at this time. Public support for the protected slot on Swan, Splithand, Trout, Moose, Round, Deer/Battle/Pickerel, and Island was generally good so the regulation will continue for those lakes. For Sand, Bowstring and Jessie lakes, support for the regulation was insufficient so the protected slot will not be implemented on those lakes at this time. More than 1,100 people responded with calls, letters, or emails, and 35 people attended the public meetings and made comments. The comments represent a diverse group of individual anglers. On some lakes hundreds of comments were received, while on others there were few. For more information on regulation changes contact the Grand Rapids area fisheries office at 218-327-4430 or email


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