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Monthly Archives: November 2013


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Greenway School Board Review 112113

Recently the Greenway School Board established their levy at the maximum allowable by state statutes and according to Superintendent Mark Adams it looks like that will be the final amount:

“That assessment will come at the end of December. Typically we have our meetings, truth and taxation and certify our final levy. I anticipate the board, or I will recommend to the board that we stick with the maximum.”

He said that decision is based on the districts capital needs and what is required for safe and drug free schools.

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Grace House Overflow Problem 112113

When Grace House, Itasca County’s only homeless shelter fills up it has to turn men, women and often, families away; out into the brutal cold of Minnesota winters. Sherry Shadley, executive director of Grace house said they may have a solution:

“We’ve, over the past several months, met with churches here in Grand Rapids and talked with them about the staggering number of people we’re having to turn away and asking them to open up the doors to their shelter and help provide overnight sleeping accommodations when they are full.”

She said there has been great response from many of the area church’s and they hope to have all the logistics worked out by the beginning of the new year.

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Itasca Vintage Car Club Cancels Swap Meet / Car Show

The Itasca Vintage Car Club Car Show and Swap meet will not happen in 2014 and maybe not ever again. The event, which brings about a million dollars in economic impact to the county was canceled by the membership. Don Jamsa, president of the Vintage Car Club said

“Regarding the fairgrounds road and Crystal Lake Boulevard, it would require some major restructuring on our part and the membership decided they couldn’t live with that.”

The problem arises from a decision at a Itasca County Board work-session to proceed with allowing a round-about in the gravel area on the south end of the Fairgrounds, which according to Jamsa will hamper the Vintage Car Club to the point where it will be too difficult to put on the swap meet and car show.

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IRRRB Funding 111913

The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board has been an economic driver on the Iron Range for seventy two years and as a state agency it has a couple of unique attributes, it’s headquartered in Eveleth, it only serves a portion of the state and it receives no state funding. Iron Range Resources Commissioner Tony Sertich said:

“All of their funding comes from a tax the mining companies pay instead of paying a property tax, but a portion of it, roughly about a quarter of it comes to the IRRRB to do economic development investing in businesses, investing in communities and investing in our workforce.”

He said when the IRRRB was first formed there was more taconite tax collected because the mines were producing much more however today they still are capable of funding many different programs through grants and loans.

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MPCA Impaired Waters List

It’s not that Minnesota’s waters are more polluted every year. It’s that every year, the state looks at more lakes and rivers, it finds more that have pollution problems. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency this year is adding 500 lakes and segments of rivers to its list of “impaired waters” for problems like too much sediment, too much toxic mercury, too much nitrogen and too much bacteria. Thirty waterways are coming off the list for specific impairments, though they may remain on the list for other problems. The public will get a chance to comment on the 2014 list, which goes to the federal Environmental Protection Agency for approval. The list is intended as a report card or snapshot on how the state is progressing, or not, toward upholding the federal Clean Water Act. A complete list of impaired waters can be found on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s website at

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Area BusinessMan Dies 111813

According to an off-the-record official source area businessman Ernie Jacobson has passed away. The unconfirmed report said he was hunting and did not show up for dinner on Saturday night. Fellow hunters went looking for him and found him deceased. Cause of death has not been released.

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Grand Rapids Residence Fire 111813

A residence fire was reported from 10th Avenue NE on Saturday November 16th . The renter had been trying to start a fire in the wood stove and poured gasoline on it to hasten it along. Then he threw a match in the stove, it exploded into flames, burning him on the arm and leg and igniting the structure on fire. The renter refused treatment but was transported by family members to the ER.

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Local Weather Statistics for October 2013

The USDA Forest Service, North Central Research Station in Grand Rapids has released weather statistics for October 2013.

The average high for the month was 51.5 degrees and the average low was 34.7 with an overall average temperature of 43.1 degrees. The high temperature for the month was 75 recorded on the 8th and the lowest temperature was 18 degrees on the 28th. The 33 degree reading on October 21st was the lowest recorded high temperature on record.

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Passing Lanes Between Cass Lake and Deer River 111513

Motorists on US Highway 2 between Deer River and Cass Lake will soon be driving a little safer thanks to a passing lane that will be part of a ten million dollar grant from the Corridors of Commerce program. According to Representative Tom Anzelc the program was created during the 2013 legislative session and it authorizes trunk highway bonding to be used for projects that are not already part of the states four-year transportation improvement program. Senator Tom Saxhaug said the Highway 2 passing lanes will help alleviate traffic bottlenecks that hinder commerce. Several projects in northeastern Minnesota were selected which include expanding almost 2 miles of US Highway 169 from two to four lanes near Bovey and adding the three sections of passing lanes between Cass Lake and Deer River.


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Itasca County Fairgrounds Road 111513

Just saying “a road through the fairgrounds” can cause much heated debate and harsh feelings to arise. There are pros and cons to the issue, disrupting the Antique Car Show and the carnival midway vs increasing safety on Ridgewood Road and 14th Street. Itasca County Commissioner Leo Trunt said this board takes on the tough issues.  They are trying to workout an arrangement where they can deal with the safety issues. The City of Grand Rapids will be working on Crystal Lakes Blvd in 2014 and it may be a good time to do something with the road issue. He said the Boards position is that they are not in favor of a road through the midway however they are aware of the safety concerns. Trunt said that Commissioner Terry Snyder has been holding community meetings with residents and stakeholders. Trunt also pointed out that NO DECISION has been made as yet.

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